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1/4" Hydraulic Suction Strainers

For protecting pumps in the suction path of hydraulic systems from any coarse contaminants that may enter the tank
Suitable for filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubricants
Operating temperature -20°C to +100°C
Information on volume flow dependent on test liquid and test conditions*
Flow direction from outside to inside
Increased filter surface by means of corrugation
High operational reliability due to inner perforated framework
Suction must take place below the level of the oil
Optional: can be supplied with bypass 
Suction Strainer G ¼" (Size B)
Suction Strainer G 1 1/4" Hydraulic Suction Strainers G 1 1/4"
SF Article Length
Diameter D (mm) Size
Fineness (µm) Material Mesh Material Thread Material Base Valve
Volume flow* (l/min)
HY22495 45 36 63 19 150 Wire electro galvanized - 7
HY5975 57 51 32 22 90 Wire galvanized galvanized - 7
HY15775 57 51 45 22 90 Wire galvanized galvanized - 11
HY15740 60 41 46 22 100 V2A galvanized galvanized - 10
For other sizes please enquire.
Suction Strainer G 1/4"

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