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0 mm - 15245 mm

Overall Diameter

5 mm - 1645 mm

Internal Diameter

0 mm - 2520 mm




A wide range of filters types available from some of the leading filter manufacturers.

Plant and Agricultural Filters


  • Air Filters

    Air Filters are critical to your engines performance, ensuring clean air is essential to the life life of your engine.  Small amounts of dirt can cause a huge amount of engine damage. At ricoeurope.com we suply over 3000 different types of air filters for your engine and like equipment to best protect your engine.

  • Oil Filters

    The Oil Filter is most commonly mounted directly to the engine block.  An oil filters primary purpose is to protect debris from entering your machines engine by preventing any unwanted particles passing through and entering the engine oil. We like to refer to an engine as 'the heart of your machine' one job being to pump oil around to lubricate all the moving parts effectively. Just like the blood pumping around your body.  Ensuring clean oil is being pumped around your engine is crucial to your engines long term performance.

    For correct guidance on how or when to replace your oil filter the best advice is to refer to your manufacturer’s operator’s manual and find the service schedule recommendations. Generally replacements are done on the number of hours or miles the engine has run.

    If you require quality and great value then browse ricoeurope.com as the leading UK online supplier for engine oil filters, different types available for all your machinery.

  • Fuel Filters

    The purpose of the fuel filter or diesel filter is to prevent debris from entering your fuel lines and blocking your injectors or carburettor. Fuel filters are generally located externally close to the engine or fitted internally.

    When fuel filters get blocked your engines fuel supply decreases which may cause your engine to sputter, not start or cut out especially at high revs. Using fuel filters effectively to remove any potentially harmful debris from your fuel is critical to your engine’s performance.

    Contaminated fuel can be caused by dirt particles entering fuel tanks, hoses; barrels and fuel that is stored for long period of times due to bacteria build up.

    Some machines use more fuel filters than others, there are many various types of fuel filter including, spin-on canisters, elements, sediments, and water separators. At ricoeurope.com we supply all types of fuel filters for your plant and agricultural machinery as the leading UK online supplier for diesel filters

  • Hydraulic Filters

    With the demands on today’s hydraulic systems, maintaining hydraulic filter system cleanliness through proper filtration is essential to insure maximum efficiency and reliability.

    Today, hydraulic systems run at high pressures and faster cycle times than ever before, causing greater system stress and increased sensitivity to contamination. Contaminants cause the majority of failures and can affect hydraulic systems in several ways.

  • Water Filters

    The Coolant filter protects your engine by trapping contaminants and distributing Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) into your cooling system. 

  • Filter Equipment
  • Filter Service Kits

    RICOEurope provide the widest range of filter service kits for Construction and Agricultural Machinery. Filter Service Kits make it easy for you to service your machine using the correct filters.


  • Suction Excavator Vehicle

    Filters for Suction Excavators

  • Brand Specific

    To purchase filters in a specific brand use the below categories to identify the parts required

  • Adblue Filters

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