Simplify Servicing & Optimise Operations

RICO Europe introduces RE Fleet Manager, transforming the way businesses handle and manage their machinery and vehicle filter purchases.

Designed with intuitive features, RE Fleet Manager empowers you to take complete control of your fleet, ensuring efficient service schedules and minimised downtime.

Key Features:

Centralised Management: Manage your machinery and vehicles from one platform, gaining valuable insights and control.

Service Schedule Maintenance: Easily track and maintain timely service schedules for each piece of equipment.

Custom Filter Guides: Tailor filter application guides to your specific needs, guaranteeing the correct filter selection every time.

Automated Alerts: Receive email notifications before service deadlines, ensuring you never miss a maintenance date.

Effortless Filter Identification: Quickly identify the correct filters, eliminating guesswork and reducing errors.

Streamlined Ordering: Our user-friendly interface simplifies the ordering process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Transform Your Fleet Management Experience

RE Fleet Manager is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to make fleet management as effortless and effective as possible.

From maintaining service schedules to ensuring the right filters are used, RE Fleet Manager covers every aspect of fleet management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - running your business.

Real Success Stories

Discover how RE Fleet Manager has revolutionised the workflow of businesses, making fleet management easier.

Download and read our case studies and see the difference firsthand.

“Its made it not only easier, but possible”

"Its streamlined our procurement process"

Filter Application Guide

The most comprehensive, personalised, and user-friendly Filter Application Guide.

This tool is a necessity for workshops and everyday business operations.

This downloadable booklet becomes a very useful tool for the workshop, easily updated to add further pages in the future should more models of machinery be introduced into your fleet.

Download Example Booklet - See how our Filter Application Guide can become an indispensable tool for your workshop.

Adding a Service Due Date

Never miss a service deadline again! 

Our automated email notifications keep you in the loop, providing timely alerts before scheduled maintenance is due.

  • Proactive Email Notifications
  • Streamlined Fleet Addition
  • Comprehensive Email Content

Get in Touch

Choosing the right filters for each application is crucial for engine performance and equipment protection, and with an RE Filter Application Guide, you can effortlessly identify the exact filters needed, preventing costly errors.

Whether you manage a small fleet of three machines or a large one with over 300 different models, we can create you the ultimate guide tailored to your precise requirements.

For more information about RE Fleet Manager and to explore how it can revolutionise your fleet management, please get in touch.

How to Use Video Guide

To start using RE Fleet Manager you must create an account on our website. 

Once you’re signed in you can start searching for your machines and then you can add them to your fleet.

Please see our 'How to Use' video guide on RE Fleet Manager.

Please Note: You must be registered and logged in to use the service.

News & Blogs

Adding a Service Due Date

Our automated email notifications keep you in the loop, providing timely alerts before scheduled maintenance is due.

How to Use RE Fleet Manager

We've created a 'how to use' Video Guide to help you maximise the benefits of RE Fleet Manager.

The Filter Application Guide

This tool promises convenience, personalisation, and user-friendliness, ultimately improving your workshop operations.

Introducing RE Fleet Manager

We've transformed the way businesses handle their machinery filter purchases with the introduction of RE Fleet Manager.