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Engine oil is a lubricant used to reduce friction and wear between moving parts in an internal combustion engine.

It helps improve engine efficiency and longevity by preventing metal-to-metal contact and by removing heat and contaminants from the engine.

Engine oil is available in different viscosities to match the demands of various engine types and operating conditions, and is formulated to meet industry standards set by organizations such as API and SAE.

Regular oil changes and maintenance are necessary to maintain the performance and longevity of the engine oil and the engine itself.

It is important to use the correct type of engine oil specified by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure proper lubrication and engine performance.

Engine Oil | RICO Europe


  • 0w/30
  • 5W-20
  • 5w/30
  • 10w/30
  • 10w/40
  • 15w-30
  • 15w/40


    A heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated to meet the most severe of lubrication requirements. A blend of solvent refined base oils, viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants and an innovative additive system that is designed to provide effortless performance.


    Engine oil formulated to meet the lubrication requirements for the modern day diesel engine, meeting Euro 5 and 6 emission requirements. An updated product blended from a mixture of solvent refined base oils, viscosity modifiers, pour point depressants and a brand new innovative additive system. Extensive development has produced a product at the forefront of heavy duty diesel engine lubrication technology.

  • 20w/50
  • 5w/40
  • SAE 30
  • Two Stroke
  • 10W
  • 20W
  • 30W
  • 40W
  • 50W

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