FP series Filter classes M5 - F9

Cellular filters FP series Filter classes M5 - F9

SF cellular filters of the FP series have a filter surface that is up to 4 times as large compared with SF Z-Line filters. This compact design allows a greater dust holding capacity. The filter packs are made of break-resistant synthetic fibres. The SF cellular filter FP series is available in frame depths of 48mm and 96mm in the filter classes M5 to F9. 

Material properties:

Filter medium tested in acc. with EN 779
Fire protection in acc. with DIN 53438 (F1)
Moisture resistance up to 100% rel. hum.
Temperature-resistant up to maximum 80°C (depending on the frame)
Standard frame size for FP series M5 – F9: 

Frame size width x height (mm) 287x592 490x592 592x592 287x592 490x592 592x592
Frame depth (mm) 48 mm 48 mm 48 mm 96 mm 96 mm 96 mm
Filter surface (m²) 2,75 m² 4,5 m² 5,5 m² 3,5 m² 6 m² 7,5 m²
Nominal volumetric flow (m³/h) 1250 m³/h 2075 m³/h 2500 m³/h 1675 m³/h 2775 m³/h

3350 m³/h


Cellular filters FP series Filter classes M5 - F9

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