EC / EO / EL filter insert

CJC™ Ion Exchange Insert (fuller's earth, activated alumina, ion-exchange resin) is used for neutralising acidic compounds in fluids such as transformer oil, gas engine oil or phosphate esters.

Among other things, ion exchange filter inserts:

  • Reduce of Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Increase surface tension
  • Reduction of the dissipation factor (tan delta) / increasing restitivity (Ω)
  • Increase the breakdown voltage

Reducing oil acidity extends oil lifetime and reduces the fluid system’s ageing and wear and tear.

The amount of acidity-reducing filtration material needed to restore oil varies from oil to oil. Among other things, this depends on water content, oil temperature and particle contamination levels.

Filtered transformer oil can be expected to reach levels equal to or better than standards for new oil.
Filtered gas engine oil can be expected to result in reduced TAN, thereby extending oil change intervals. Combined with a CJC™ Fine Filter, Si-levels will also be reduced.

CJC EC / EO / EL filter inserts

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