Serie SMT - Tube

Vacuum Shaped Borosilicate Glass Microfibre 
Functionality: Surface filtration 
Application: Gas and liquid 
filtration Available in 5 
grades Filter fines from 0.3 to 25 micron 
High temperature resistant and high chemical resistance 
On request: special mass and design of specific applications 
Applications: gas and liquid analysis, emission monitoring and analysis , Sample analysis, gas and chemical filtration, instrumentation, protection of laboratory equipment and special instruments
filtration degree A B C D e
Purity (air and gas at 0.3 micron) 99.9998% 99.9998% 99.99% 99.5% 95%
Purity (liquids at 98%) 0.3 μm 0.9 μm 2 μm 8 μm 25 μm
Pressure loss? P - filter change 400 mbar (6 psi)
temperature range -40 ° C to 150 ° C
Series SMT - Tube

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