Channel Flow

Channel Flow Air Filters

Channel Flow air filters provide superior filtration solutions in a lightweight, compact design for easy installation in less space. This straight-through air flow technology not only allows for less installation space, but offers manufacturers flexibility in design configuration.

The channel Flow filter has more surface area than a traditional air filter, while requiring the same or less installation space. The Channel Flow media is formed by layering alternating rows of flat sheets and corrugated media. When completed, the media resembles a honeycomb network of channels.

As the media pack is formed, alternating channels are sealed with a bead of adhesive. Air enters open channels and flows through the media and out through adjacent open channels.

Increased air flow is needed for higher performance engines. Increased air flow is also needed to meet tougher exhaust emission standards. 

With a traditional air filter, air typically enters through the side of the filter housing. The air must then work its way around the filter element, pass through the media, then turn 90° to exit the filter. By eliminating the turns the air needs to make in a traditional air filter, in-line air filters reduce restriction.

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