Air breather dryer filter

Air breather dryer filter are a combination between an air breather filter and an air dryer
Application: ventilation of hydraulic oil tanks and gear units
Lubrication (water) downgrades the quality of the oil additives and accelerates the oil ageing
Temperature variations in the hydraulic system let water condense and cause corrosion in system components
Consequence: unplanned availability time of the system and high maintenance costs
For the installation five sizes of adaptors are available (see below second chart) 
Non-recurrent expense for the reusable adapter reduced the follow-up costs 


SF-part number SBL 26060
Housing plastic material
De-airing valve -
Replacement granulate -
Water absorption 320 ml
Volume 1000 ml
Volume flow (nominal) 550 l/min.
Volume flow (maximal) 1000 l/min.
Dimension Ø 132 x 160 mm
Working temperature -20°C - +70°C
Fineness of filtration 3 micron
Humidity removal granulate silica gel (colour indicator orange to green)

SF-part number Adaptor
SBL 26060 Air breather filter
SF-ZUB 26060/1 G 3/4" BSPT external thread
SF-ZUB 26060/2 G 1" BSPT external thread
SF-ZUB 26060/3 G 1 1/4" BSPT external thread
SF-ZUB 26060/4 G 1 1/2" BSPT external thread
SF-ZUB 26060/5 G 2" BSPT external thread

Air breather dryer filter

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