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Turbine Replacement Elements

Racor Aquabloc II media is a blend of high grade cellulose compounded with resins and a special chemical treatmen
Racor Replacement Elements with a complete kit of all seals
End caps are colour-coded : Brown = 2 Micron, Blue = 10 Micron, Red = 30 Micron 
Turbine Replacement Element Micron Rating Application
2010SM-OR 2µm 500er Turbine
2010TM-OR 10µm 500er Turbine
2010PM-OR 30µm 500er Turbine
2020SM-OR 2µm 1000er Turbine
2020TM-OR 10µm 1000er Turbine
2020PM-OR 30µm 1000er Turbine
2040SM-OR 2µm 900er Turbine
2040TM-OR 10µm 900er Turbine
2040PM-OR 30µm 900er Turbine

Racor Turbine Replacement Elements

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