classes E10 - U15

HEPA & ULPA filters Filter classes E10 - U15

An outstanding feature of SF HEPA and ULPA filters are the high-quality glass fibre papers in every filter class. The filter media are minipleated and, thanks to this optimum pleat geometry, provide an even air flow combined with minor pressure drops. The HEPA filters are tested in accordance with EN 1822 and are supplied together with a test certificate. SF high efficiency filter panels with metal frames (optionally with grip protection) provide great safety against bacterial and fungal growth. SF HEPA filters with MDF frames (medium-density fibre panel) are non-corroding and simplify disposal, as they are produced without metal parts.
Product properties: 

Micro glass fibre paper, separator: hotmelt
Moisture resistance up to 100% rel. hum.
Temperature-resistant (standard) up to maximum 70°C
Recommended final pressure drop 600 Pa
Optional: Aluminium, MDF, galvanized steel plate frame
Optional: Flat or foamed seal
Optional: Grip protection on one or both sides
On enquiry: Temperature-resistant up to 120°C with aluminium separators

Classification of HEPA filters in acc. with EN 1822-1:2009 (extract):

Filter class Integral value Integral value Local value Local value
  Filtration efficiency Permeability Filtration efficiency Permeability
E10* 85% 15% - -
E11* 95% 5% - -
E12* 99,5% 0,5% - -
H13* 99,95% 0,05% 99,75% 0,25%
H14* 99,995% 0,005% 99,975% 0,025%
U15* 99,9995% 0,0005% 99,9975% 0,0025%
*EPA: Efficient Particulate Air Filter; HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter; ULPA: Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter
HEPA & ULPA filters Filter classes E10 - U15

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