FA 015-BYPASS - Mobile Filter System

With the FA 015-BYPASS hydraulic systems can be filled or cleaned
For cleaning in off-line filtration
FA 015-BYPASS comes ready to connect, with hose packages and filter cartridge
Maintenance without tools
Fluids can be pumped over without using the filter function (Bypass)
Longer service intervals and higher machine availability 
Nominal flow rate 15 l/min
Hydraulic fluids Hydraulic oil in according to ISO VG 46
Temperature range of fluids 0°C - +60°C
Filter fineness Paper 10 µm and 25 µm,
Fibre glass 3 µm, 6 µm, 10 µm and 25 µm,
wire mesh 60 µm and 125 µm,
Water-absorbing filter 10 µm
Operating pressure Maximal 3 bar
Length of hoses Suction hose 2.5 m long – lance 0.40 m long; pressure hose 2.5 m long – lance 0.40 m long
Ambient temperature range 0°C - +50°C

gear pump

Operating voltage/-frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Power / protection type 0,25 kW / IP 54
Clogging indicator indicator
Replacement filter cartridge see first blue frame
Weight 25 kg
FA 015-BYPASS - Mobile Filter System

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