Gear flushing insert

CJC™ Oil Filtration & Flushing insert for Cleaning of Gearboxes
The CJC™ Gear Flushing insert, GFi 27/27 is specifically designed for filtration and cleaning of gearboxes. The CJC™ GFi 27/27 has a high capacity for submicron particles and is documented to remove considerable amounts of particles down to 3 microns or even lower, with improved efficiency over the standard CJC™ Filter Inserts.

The filter insert is optimized for high performance in:

  • large dirt holding capacity
  • air-containing oil
  • variable temperature conditions
  • used oil

This filter insert is applicable for viscosities in the range ISO VG 320-480 cSt.

Filtration capability:

  • Removal of particles, both hard and soft particles down to 3 µm or even lower
  • Removal of degradation products, such as oxidation and resin/sludge
  • Removal of water, large amounts of free water, normal up to 2,000 ml. In some documented case, removal of up to 4,000 ml of water
CJC gear flushing insert

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