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For over 65 years C.C.JENSEN have been a global leader on Oil Filtration Solutions.

Established in 1953, C.C.JENSEN is a family owned company based in Denmark who has a combination of tradition, innovation, and technical expertise. 

Worldwide they are known for producing oil filtration filters and inserts of the highest quality.


"The goal of C.C.JENSEN is to become completely CO₂ neutral. Since 2008 we have been working on reducing our CO₂ footprint in our own operation, focusing on our lowering consumption of electricity, heating & cooling, investing in renewable energy and converting to electric vehicles, changing employee behavior in the office, and implementing energy savings in their homes, converting fossil heat sources with sustainable sources, and reducing business travel significantly."

We are proud to work closely with C.C.JENSEN and distribute their filters along with many other leading brands.

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  • Filter inserts

    Increase lifetime of both oil and system components
    Clean & dry oil is the key to reliable system operation, and C.C.JENSEN is the global leader in oil filtration. We use 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources: No metal, no plastics, and no chemicals.

    CJC™ Filter Inserts have outstanding oil-filtration capability with dirt and water-holding capacities of up to 4 litres of dirt per insert.

    All CJC™ Filter Inserts have an oil filtration degree of 3 µm (micron) absolute. This means that 98.7% of all solid particles larger than 3 µm and approximately 50% of all particles larger than 0.8 µm are retained in one pass.

    CJC™ Filter Inserts are produced from unbleached cotton and/or semi-chemical cellulose. A Inserts are made from semi-chemical cellulose, and B Inserts are made from either cotton cellulose or a mix of cotton cellulose and semi-chemical cellulose.

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