FA 016-1160 - Oil Service Unit Operating pressure max 30 bar

With the FA 016-1160 hydraulic and lubricating systems can be filled and cleaned
Operating up to 30 bar filling or system pressure, this allows filling and filtering of transmission fluids over valve blocks.
FA 016-1160 is supplied ready to connect, with hoses and filter element
No tools are needed to open the housing and the filter element can be pulled out through the hang-in technique in the cover.
On the bottom of the from inside to outside flown through filter elements there is a dirt retention valve. If the element is pulled out of the housing, the dirt retention valve will close. Sedimented dirt is removed from the housing with the element.
Longer service intervals and higher machine availability 
FA 016-1160
Nominal flow rate 16 l/min
Hydraulic fluids Mineral oil and biodegradable fluids (other fluids on request)
Temperature range of fluids 0°C - +60°C
Viscosity range Continuous operation min. 15 mm²/s, continuous operation max. 100 mm²/s, short-term operation max. 400 mm²/s
Filter fineness 3EN2* ß3(C)=200
Dirt-holding capacity


Operating pressure maximal 30 bar
Length of hoses Spiral suction hose DN 20, 1.8 m long, suction strainer 300 µm, pressure hose DN 20, 2 m long
Ambient temperature range 0°C - +50°C
Electric drive 1 ~ 230V / 50Hz; 1,5 kW
Clogging indicator Optical differential pressure indicator
Replacement element V 7.1220-113
Weight approx. 30 kg
*in according to ISO 16889 with test dust
FA 016-1160 - Oil Service Unit Operating pressure max 30 bar

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