WF 7 housing: Spare parts and accessories

WF 7 housing: Spare parts and accessories

Uses for WF 7 housings:

Water treatment
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry
Food and beverages
Photographic industry 

Spare parts and accessories :

Spare parts and accessories Reference number
Drain tap unavailable
Manometer unavailable
Spanner for 5"Mignon bowl       on request
Spanner for 10“ housing with thread ¾" and 20“ housing SCH-WF/P
Wall holder for 5“ housing unavailable
Wall holder for 10“ and 20“ housing SF-ZUB 70316
Bowl for 5“ housing on request
Bowl for 10“ housing on request
Bowl for 20“ housing on request
O-ring for 5“ bowl (Buna NBR) on request
O-ring for 10“ and 20“ bowl (Buna NBR) DG-WF7/DICHTUNG

Filter cartridges for 5" standard housings (-D70) are available in the following series:
Depth filtration: BA / cotton, PO / polypropylene,
Surface filtration: N / Nylon,
Inox version: M / Solinox RA, MX / Retinox
Active carbon: AKPO / active carbon
Filter cartridges for 10" and 20" housings are available in all series.


WF 7 housing: Spare parts and accessories

Active filters