Fuel Pumps

Electric fuel pumps are a type of fuel delivery system that is powered by electricity, rather than by a mechanical connection to the engine.

They are commonly used in modern fuel-injected engines, as they provide more precise and efficient fuel delivery than mechanical fuel pumps.

Electric fuel pumps are typically located in the fuel tank and are designed to transfer fuel from the tank to the engine's fuel injectors.

They consist of a motor, a pump, a strainer, and a pressure regulator. The motor is powered by the vehicle's electrical system and drives the pump, which pressurizes the fuel and delivers it to the engine.

The strainer removes any large particles or debris from the fuel, while the pressure regulator maintains the correct fuel pressure for the engine's fuel system.

Electric fuel pumps are designed to work at specific pressures, flow rates, and temperatures, and it is important to choose the correct fuel pump that meets the manufacturer's specifications.

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