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  • S-CLP0032 series -...
    S-CLP0032 series meet the ISO 8573-1:2010 and PED 97/23/EG
    Any residual internal pressure is discharged through the safety device
    Automatic condensate drain with three functions: activated by compressed air during normal operation, semi-automatic : operates under no pressure condition, manual
    The surface treatment of the interior and exterior of the housing assures excellent corrosion resistance

    Only 5 cm of clearance under the filter bowl is required during element replacement
    Colour code: the element grade is clearly identified by the use of different coloured foam sleeves
    An O-ring seal ensures positive element location and eliminates the possibility of bypass

    S-CLP0032 Serie
    Housing Aluminium
    Thread G ¼"
    Flow rate (at 7 bar) 32 Nm³/h
    Maximum pressure 16 bar
    Maximum temperature 80°C
    Dimension mm A94, B 211, D21

    with automatic inner condensate drain , optional with differential gauge

    Grade of filtration see frame below
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