Ventilation and air-conditioning filters

SF Ventilation and air-conditioning filters


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  • Compact filters Filter...
    An outstanding feature of SF compact filters is their dimensionally stable plastic housing. The housings have a depth of 292 millimetres. The high-performance non-wovens are processed using yarn technology, guaranteeing a temperature resistance of 70°C. High-temperature compact filters are available on request. 
    Filter class in acc. with EN 779 M6 F7 F8 F9
    Initial pressure drop (Pa) 100 Pa 115 Pa 130 Pa 140 Pa
    Recommended final pressure drop (Pa) 450 Pa 450 Pa 450 Pa 450 Pa

    Frame size x overall depth (mm) Volumetric flow (m³/h)
    287 x 592 x 292 2000
    402 x 592 x 292 2800
    490 x 592 x 292 3500
    592 x 592 x 292 4250


  • Filter media
  • Grease filter metal...

    SF grease filters (FF) are used for filtering vapours that contain grease and for oil mist separation. The frame and the filter medium are made of aluminium or aluminium mesh as standard. 

    Other frame sizes on request. 


  • HEPA & ULPA filter series
  • Hood filters
  • Installation frames
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