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  • Filters

    Explore Our range of Filters 

    Filters are designed to separate or eliminate undesirable substances or impurities from fluids or gases.

    They operate by capturing impurities and contaminants within a filter medium, which can include materials like paper, mesh, or activated carbon.

    The choice of filter medium and design varies based on the specific application and the particular contaminants requiring removal.

    Discover a wide range of filter types available from RICO Europe.

  • Oils & Lubricants

    Oils and lubricants are substances used to reduce friction and wear between surfaces in contact.

    They are used in a wide range of mechanical applications, including automotive engines, industrial machinery, and power transmission systems.

    Oils can be divided into two main categories: mineral oils and synthetic oils. Mineral oils are derived from crude oil and are commonly used as lubricants and fuels.

    Synthetic oils are chemically engineered and designed to provide improved performance and extended service life compared to mineral oils.

    Lubricants can be either liquids or solids and are used to protect metal surfaces from wear and corrosion, reduce friction and heat, and improve efficiency.

    The selection of the appropriate oil or lubricant depends on the specific application, operating conditions, and performance requirements. Proper use of oils and lubricants can help extend the life of mechanical systems and improve their overall performance.

    Our Lubricants, Oils, Antifreeze and Grease available up to 1000L IBC containers.

    RICO Europe stock a comprehensive range of lubricants to cover most plant and agricultural machinery.


    Use the Oil Finder to help identify what oils are required for your machine.


  • Belts

    We stock a large range of continental belts for use on engines.

    Select your belt type and use the drop down menus to selct your required size.

  • Specials
  • Parts

    RICO Europe offer a wide range of parts for plant and agricultural industry.

    Browse our range of Sealey Tools, Rubber Tracks and Beacons below.

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