• CS5007

Baldwin CS5007, BTA PLUS Formula Liquid Additive (Pint Plastic Bottle)

VAT excluded
BTA PLUS Formula Liquid Additive (Pint Plastic Bottle), Notes: NOT compatible with Long Life Organic Acid-based Coolant. For systems containing 0% to 60% Ethylene Glycol antifreeze. Pre-Charge treatment is 1.25 units per gallon of cooling system capacity. Maintenance treatment is 1.25 units per 4 gallons of coolin, Contains 4 Units BTA PL
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Description: BTA PLUS Formula Liquid Additive (Pint Plastic Bottle)
Notes: NOT compatible with Long Life Organic Acid-based Coolant. For systems containing 0% to 60% Ethylene Glycol antifreeze. Pre-Charge treatment is 1.25 units per gallon of cooling system capacity. Maintenance treatment is 1.25 units per 4 gallons of coolin
Contains: 4 Units BTA PLUS
Related To: CS5055 (55 Gallon Drum) CS5057 (5 Gallon Jug) CS5058 (Half Gallon Jug)
Weight KGS: 0.643
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 02674 2


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(Tier 3), KOMATSU FG20ST-04, FG20ST-4 w/Nissan Eng., FG20ST-04, FG20ST-4 w/Nissan Eng., 2FD25S-5, FD25S-5, FD25ST-5, FG10ST-15 w/Nissan H20 Eng., FG18ST-15, FG20ST-11, FG20ST-12, FG25ST-4, FG30SHT w/Nissan Eng., D21A-8, D21P-8 w/4D94LE-2 Eng., D31P-17A, D31P-17B w/6D105-5T Eng., D80A-12, D80E-12, D85A-12, D85E-12, D85P-12 w/NH220C1 Eng., D575A-3 w/SA12V170E-2 Eng., PC27MR-2 w/3D82AE Eng., PC35MR-2 w/3D88E Eng., PC40MR-2 w/4D88E Eng., PC45MR-3 w/Yanmar 4D88E Eng., PC50MR-2 w/4D88E Eng., PC55MR-3 w/Yanmar 4D88E Eng., PC58UU-3 w/4D88E Eng., SK1020-5, SK1020-5N w/4D98E, 4SD98E Turbo Engs., CK30-1 Turbo w/S4D98E Eng., CK35-1 w/S4D98E Eng., SK1026-5 Skid Steer w/S4D96E Eng., SK818-5 w/4D88E Eng. (S/N 37BF50111-up), SK820-5N w/S4D98E-2NFD Eng., WA90-3 w/4D106E-1 Eng., WA95-3 w/4D106E-2 Eng., KUBOTA L185, L185DT w/Z751-A Eng., L245, L245DT, L245H, L245HC w/DH1101-A Eng., L2600DT, L2600F w/D1403-AE Eng., L175 w/Z750-A Eng., L2050 w/D1102-AE-1 Eng., L225DT w/D1100-A Eng., L2350 w/D1102-AE Eng., L2500, LINK-BELT 135 MSR w/Isuzu BB-4BG1T Eng. (Tier 2), 135 SA w/Isuzu AI-4JJ1X Eng. (Tier 3), 225 SA w/Isuzu AI-4HK1X Eng. (Tier 3), 225 SA w/Isuzu BB-6BG1T Eng. (Tier 2), 130LX w/Isuzu BB-4BG1T Eng., 160LX w/Isuzu BB-4BG1T Eng., 210LX w/Isuzu BB-6BG1T Eng., 240LX w/Isuzu BB-6BG1T Eng., 290LX w/Isuzu CC-6BG1TC Eng., 330LX w/Isuzu AA-6HK1X Eng. (Tier 2), 330LX w/Isuzu AH-6HK1X Eng. (Tier 3), 460LX w/Isuzu AA-6SD1X Eng. (Tier 2), 460LX w/Isuzu AH-6UZ1X Eng. (Tier 3), 700LX w/Isuzu AH-6WG1X Eng. (Tier 3), 800LX w/Isuzu AH-6WG1X Eng. (Tier 3), 800LX w/Isuzu BB-6WG1X Eng. (Tier 2), MASSEY FERGUSON MF60 Tractor/Loader w/Perkins AD4.236 Eng., NEW HOLLAND G140 Motor Grader w/Cummins 6BTA5.9 Eng., G200 Motor Grader w/Cummins 6CTAA8.3 Eng, E215, EH215 w/Mitsubishi 4D34T Eng., E27, E27BSR, E27SR, EH27.B w/Yanmar 3TNV82A Eng., E30, E30SR, EH30.B w/Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB Eng., E50, E50SR, EH50.B w/Yanmar 4TNV88-XYB Eng., E15 w/Yanmar 3TNE68 Eng., E160 w/Mitsubishi 4D34T Eng., E30BSR w/Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB Eng., E35, E35SR, EH35.B w/Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB Eng., E35BSR w/Yanmar 3TNV88-PYB Eng., E50BSR w/Yanmar 4TNV88-XYB Eng., SUMITOMO SH200-3, SH200HD-3, SH200LC-3, SH220-3 w/Isuzu 6BG1T Eng., TAKEUCHI TB125 w/Yanmar 3TNV82 Eng., TB135 w/Yanmar 3TNV88 Eng., TB153 FR w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., TB180 FR w/Yanmar 4TNV98 Eng., TB53 FR w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., TB80 FR w/Yanmar TNV Series Engs., TB145 w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., TB235 w/Yanmar 3TNV88 Eng., TB250 w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., TL220, TL230, TL240 w/Yanmar Eng., TL120 w/Yanmar Eng., TL130 w/Yanmar 3TNE98, 3TNV98 Engs., TL150 w/Yanmar 4TNE106T, TNV106T Engs., VOLVO EC210B Series w/D6D Eng., EC55B, EW55B w/Yanmar 4TNV94L Eng., EC700C L w/D16E Eng., EC140B Series w/D4D Eng., EC160B w/D6D Eng., EC180B Series w/D6D Eng., EC240B Series w/D7D Eng., EC27C w/Yanmar 3TNV88 Eng., EC290B Series w/D7D Eng., EC330B w/D12C Eng., EC35C w/D2.2D Eng., EC360B w/D12C Eng., ECR28 w/D1.2 Eng., ECR38 w/D1.6 Eng., ECR48C w/Yanmar 4TNV88-BSVE Eng., ECR58 w/D3.1 Eng., ECR88 w/D3.4 Eng., EW160B w/D6D Eng., EW180B w/D6D Eng., EW200B w/D6D Eng., EW55B w/D3.1 Eng., MC110B w/D3.4A Eng., MC60B w/D2.2A Eng., MC70B w/D2.0A Eng., MC80B w/D3.4A Eng., MC90B w/D3.4A Eng., YANMAR Vio35-3, Vio50-3, Vio75-2A, V4-5 w/3TNE84T Eng.



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