Donaldson’s premium filter element line for liquid, air and steam filtration.

LifeTec filters are designed to support the integrity of both processes and products.

They stand out for their exceptional strength, extended durability, and superior flow rates compared to most other products available today.

With Donaldson's cutting-edge technology, you can effectively lower your overall cost of ownership by enhancing filter performance and boosting energy efficiency with LifeTec.


Donaldson's liquid filtration solutions are designed to safeguard your product's integrity and elevate its performance throughout all stages.

Strength – robust polypropylene filter liner with a rhombus structure, these filters enhance static and flow characteristics. This design ensures improved pressure stability and torsional stiffness, reducing the risk of filter element damage during replacement.

Performance – exceptional flow rates and minimal pressure drop, ultimately reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Donaldson's elements & housings are engineered to deliver reduced pressure drop, extended lifespan, convenient replacements, and more predictable maintenance schedules.

High retention rate (bacteria, viruses, particles) down to 3 nanometres to support process & product integrity.

High temperature & mechanical resistance for outstanding performance, minimises down time and costs.

Reliable under extreme conditions – suited for VPHP and ozone sterilisation – this leads to process integrity and reduces cost of ownership. 


Donaldson's stainless steel filter housings and elements offer the exceptional filtration and purification required for your operations.

High capacity and increased efficiency – pleated, stainless steel media captures contaminants such as particles, abrasion of valves and sealings, and rust

High flow rates and low pressure drop – optimal for applications where space is limited

Longer service life – lowering customers' total cost.


Donaldson offers a diverse array of configurations for their process filters, catering to almost every application and technological trend within the processed food and beverage industry. To name a few...


Bottled Water

Non Alcoholic Beverage


Pet Food

LifeTec Filters

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