Sotras was founded as a trading house in 1975 and over the years has transformed itself into an important brand manufacturing industrial filters, producing and distributing its own products in Europe and throughout the world. 

Sotras takes pride in its established expertise and skill in designing and manufacturing high-quality air/oil separators. With a focus particularly on creating solutions for rotary screw and vane compressors has allowed them to excel in providing efficient and reliable filtration for these critical applications.

Sotras’s mission is to provide goods and services of the highest quality to satisfy the market place with specific needs and requirements.

Today Sotras can supply a top quality range of industrial filters and has specialised in manufacturing filters for compressors.

SOTRAS produces original equipment directly for many compressor manufacturers (OEM’s) around the world, and as a result the aftermarket products are made with same attention to high standards of components, quality, control, and testing.

Thanks to its flexibility Sotras has also been developing an ever-growing range of high quality filters for construction machines and industrial applications.

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