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The most comprehensive Filter Application List available only from RICOEurope

Our customers can benefit from a personally made unique filter application book to suit their needs.

A useful tool for everyday business, and a necessity in any busy workshop. 

Filter Guide 

Many filters can look the same, and even have the same threads and dimensions, although the most important factor is the internal elements of the filter being different.

Always ensuring the correct filters are used on the correct application is a key factor to ensuring the performance and protection of your engine and like equipment.

Whether you have 3 or 300 different models, we will create the ultimate guide to suit your requirements.


Our guide allows you to:
  • Immediately identify the filters you require.
  • Prevent making costly mistakes.
  • Easy Ordering Process

The dedicated PDF online becomes a very useful tool for the workshop, easily updated to add further pages in the future should more models of machinery be introduced into your fleet.