• F594-F

Baldwin F594-F, Fuel Filter Element with Bail Handle

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Fuel Element with Bail Handle, OD:- 4 5/32 (105.6), ID:- 3/4 (19.1), Length: 6 23/32 (170.7), Agskt: [2] Attached, Weight Kgs: 0.457, Volume m3: 0.003, Case Qty: 12

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Description: Fuel Element with Bail Handle
OD:- 4 5/32 (105.6)
ID:- 3/4 (19.1)
Length: 6 23/32 (170.7)
Agskt: [2] Attached
Weight KGS: 0.457
Volume m3: 0.003
Case Qty: 12


LEROI 600D w/Murphy 21 Eng., MURPHY (MWM) 122, MP122, 124, MP124, 20, 20G, MP20, MP20G, 21, 21G, MP21, MP21G, MP21T, 221, 221G, MP221, MP221G, 222, 222G, MP222, MP222G, MP222T, 224, 224G, MP224, MP224G, MP224T, 22, 22G, MP22, MP22G, MP22T, 24, 24G, MP24, MP24G, MP24T, 311, MP311, 312, MP312, 320, MP320, 321, MP321, 322, MP322, 324, MP324, AAA123, BAB128, CAA133, AAB134, BJ144, CAB144, ABJ155, BBJ157, CBJ170, 211, MP211, 212, MP212, 220, 220G, MP220, MP220G, ME4, ME6, 11, MP11, 12, ME90, AA107, 111, MP111, 112, MP112, AB117, BAA118, 120, MP120, MPAA, MPAAA, MPAAB, MPAB, MPABA, MPABB, MPABD, MPABJ, MPBA, MPBAA, MPBAB, MPBAT, MPBBA, MPBBAT, MPBBB, MPBBBT, MPBBD, MPBBDT, MPBBT, MPBD, MPBDT, MPBJ, MPCAA, MPCAB, MPCBA, MPCBB, MPCBD, 121, MP12, MP121, MP221T, MPBB, MPBBJ, MPCBJ, NORTHWEST 41 w/Murphy 12 Eng., 6 w/Murphy ME6 Diesel Eng., 80D w/Murphy ME6 Eng., 9570 Crane w/Murphy Diesel Eng., 190D w/Murphy MP621T, MP622T Diesel Engs.


F-2605-1, FF-E0076-F, SK3741, ACDELCO ACD183, ALCO MD189, AP-LOCKHEED APF185A, BALDWIN FILTERS F594-F, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-040, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-042, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-043, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-150, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-153, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-160, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-443-115-0, BOSCH (GERMANY) FJSJ16S17Z, BOSCH (GERMANY) FJSJ16U24Z, BOSCH (GERMANY) N1043, COOPERS FEM4003, CROSLAND 9356, DEUTZ 2C2H4115, DEUTZ C2H4115, DEUTZ R2H4115, DONALDSON P502131, DONIT 492020, FILT G1023, FLEETGUARD FF5055, FLEETRITE FFR85055, FRAM C11862PB, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 5984522200, HENGST E2020KF, HENGST E2020KFR, HENGST E20KFR, HENGST E20KR, KHD 2C2H4115, KHD R2H4115, KNECHT B405, KNECHT B405100M1, KNECHT B405C, KNECHT KX45, LUBER-FINER L8965F, M FILTER MP517, MAHLE KX45, MANN & HUMMEL B405C, MANN & HUMMEL BF1018/1, MANN & HUMMEL BF38900, MERCEDES-BENZ 4773415, MWM 605411420017, MWM 605411420024, MWM 605412920017, MWM 605412940001, MWM 905411420017, PBR AG3115, PBR AG311501, PUROLATOR 6937477, PUROLATOR F60456, PUROLATOR PZ455, SAVARA 92157517, TECAFILTRES KX45, Wartsila 470130, WOODGATE WGF5055, 

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