F950-F WO
  • F950-F WO

Baldwin F950-F WO, Felt Fuel Filter Element with Bail Handle

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Felt Fuel Element with Bail Handle, OD:- 3 3/16 (81.0), ID:- 1/2 (12.7), Length: 5 5/8 (142.9), Grommets: [2] Attached1, UPC: 7 91440 05300 7
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Description: Felt Fuel Element with Bail Handle
OD:- 3 3/16 (81.0)
ID:- 1/2 (12.7)
Length: 5 5/8 (142.9)
Grommets: [2] Attached
Upc: 7 91440 05300 7 Fits:
ALTAYTRAC T4A w/Altaydizel D265-2 Eng., ATLAS COPCO VT6, VT6Dd w/Deutz F6L514 Eng., VT3Dd w/Deutz F2L514 Eng., VT4Dd w/Deutz F3L514 Eng., VT5 w/Deutz F6L514 Eng., BELL B25B Dump Truck, B30B Articulated Dump Truck, B30C (6x6) Articulated Dump Truck, CLAAS Commandor 114CS, Dominator 114CS w/Mercedes-Benz OM421 Eng., Consul, Cosar, Cosmos w/Perkins 4.236 Eng., Dominator 108SL, Dominator 108SL Maxi w/Mercedes-Benz OM421 Eng., Commandor 115CS, 116CS, Dominator 115CS, 116CS w/Mercedes-Benz OM421A, OM422 Engs., Dominator 68, 68R, 68S w/Mercedes-Benz OM352 Eng., Dominator 96, 98, 98S, 98SL w/Mercedes-Benz OM360 Eng., Gigant, Matador, Mercator w/Perkins 6.354 Eng., Mercator 60, Mercator 70 w/Perkins 6.354 Eng., Mercur, Protector, Senator w/Deutz F6L912 Eng., Mercur, Standard w/Perkins 4.236 Eng., Protector, Senator w/Perkins 6.354 Eng., 70 w/Perkins 6.354 Eng., CC1400, Consul w/Deutz F6L912 Eng., Consul w/Mercedes-Benz OM314 Eng., Europa w/Perkins 4.236 Eng., DEMAG SC14, SC14D, SC20 w/Deutz F6L413, F8L413 Engs., CC12600 w/Mercedes-Benz OM442LA Eng., HC510, DEUTZ A10L814, F10L814, A12L814, F12L814, A2L514, F2L514, A3L514, F3L514, A3L612, F3L612, A3L712, F3L712, A8M517, BA8M517, F8M517, A8L614, F8L614, BA12L614, BF12L614, TM325, TM425, TM525, A6L514, F12L413, F6L514, EICHER ED210, ED215 Tractors, ED25, ED26/1, ED30, ED33, ED40, ED4Z Tractors, Wotan 1, Wotan 2 Tractors, EIMCO 915LHD Loader, FAUN FRISCH K10, K20/37VA-WA, K20W, K25/36V-VA w/Mercedes-Benz OM355 Eng., K10, K20/37VA-WA, K25/36V-VA w/Deutz F8L914 Eng., K15V, K20, K20VAS, K20/41, K30/36W-WA, K40/40VW, K25 w/Deutz F12L413 Eng., K40W w/Deutz BF12M716 Eng., KF15.21/30 w/Deutz F6L413 Eng., KF20-30.31/48, LK1210/50V, LK1210/60V, L1212/45ZA, LK1412/64V w/Deutz F8L914, F12L814 Engs., KF30.41/48 w/Mercedes-Benz OM355.6 Eng., KF30-40, 41/48, KF50.42/483 w/Deutz F10L814 Eng., KF60.43/64 w/Deutz F10L814 Eng., KF80.53/60, KF100.53/64 w/Deutz F12L413 Eng., K910/60V w/Deutz F12L814 Eng., F125, F125P w/Deutz F6L413 Eng., F185B w/Deutz F8L413 Eng., F3000, GOTTWALD AK120, AK1200 w/M.A.N. D2542ME Eng., AMK51-32, AMK56-42, AMK61-42 w/Mercedes-Benz OM422, OM422A Engs., AMK65, AMK75, AMK85 w/Deutz F10L413, F12L413 Engs., AK850 w/M.A.N. D2542MTE, D2566MTE Engs., AMK100 w/M.A.N. D2530ME Eng., AMK45 w/Mercedes-Benz OM360 Eng., AMK46-22 w/M.A.N. D2538ME Eng., TMK65 w/Deutz F8L714 Eng., HANOMAG B8, B8B, B11, B70A, B110, C20C, D20C, 33B, GRR8, R11A, R12T, Bi6, K15, K16, K16B, K7, K7D, K10, K11, K60, K65, K90, K95, K10 w/D93 Eng., K18B, K7B, K8, 513DC, 514DCU, 520DO, 520DORT, 6R1013, 6R1013A, 6R1013J, 6R1115D, 6R1215, 6R1250D, 521DS, 522DJ, 522DPJ, 6R1013 D522, 6R1416A, 6R1215, 6R1315, G520, HS165, HS170, D93, 45S, R45, 55, 55ATK, 450, 450ATK, 455S, 540, MERCEDES-BENZ OM327, OM346, OM355, OM360, O & K G16 Grader w/Deutz F6L413 Eng., RH14 Shovel, RH25 Excavator w/Deutz F8L413 Eng., RH60 Excavator w/Two Deutz F12L413 Engs., STEYR-DAIMLER-PUCH 8180 Turbo w/WD612.89 Eng.
F-2603, ABG 1168407, ACDELCO ACD182, ACDELCO TP570, AP FILTERS AP3407, AP-LOCKHEED AP3407, AP-LOCKHEED APF3407A, AP-LOCKHEED LK3407, ATLAS COPCO 1168-407, ATLAS COPCO 2900-0517-00, ATLAS COPCO 9712-5040-00, BALDWIN FILTERS F950-F WO, BELL 221383, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-020, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-021, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-116, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-144, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-156, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-159, BOSCH (GERMANY) 1-457-431-190, BOSCH (GERMANY) 9-455-160-330, BOSCH (GERMANY) 9-879-993-016, BOSCH (GERMANY) FJSJ1613Z, BOSCH (GERMANY) N1159, BUSSING 801150125, BUSSING 801150215, CHAMPION L140, CLAAS 133035, CLEAN MG089, COOPERS AZF004, COOPERS FEM4081, CROSLAND 4007, DEMAG 649911, DEMAG 760387, DEUTZ 1160034, DEUTZ 1168407, DEUTZ 1168408, DEUTZ 1168409, DEUTZ 1289048, DEUTZ 9951042, DEUTZ C1H4115K, DEUTZ R15H4115, DEUTZ R1H4115, DEUTZ R1H4115H, DEUTZ R1H4115K, DEUTZ W1H4115, DONALDSON P550061, DONALDSON P779317, DONIT 412019, FAUN FRISCH 470226, FAUN FRISCH 4790226, FAUN FRISCH 746293, FAUN FRISCH 796293, FIAAM FC1495, FIAT 1160034, FIAT 1168407, FIAT 1289048, FILT GF1008, FISPA FNP410, FLEETGUARD FF4033, FLEETRITE FFR84033, FORD MOTOR CO. A780X-9176-CA, FRAM C11861Z, GREYFRIARS 478F, GUIOT GC1861, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 114241160, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 114924160, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 4773115, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 512593000, HANOMAG-HENSCHEL 5894520700, HARMO P238, HENGST E10KFR, HITACHI B405304, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 3032014-R91, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 3132014, IVECO 1160034, IVECO 1168407, IVECO 1289048, KAMPER 9551042, KASSBOHRER 589-452-0700, KHD 1160034, KHD 1168407, KHD 1168408, KHD 1168409, KHD 1289048, KHD 9951042, KHD C1H4115K, KHD R1H4115, KHD R1H4115K, KHD W1H4115, KNECHT KX44, KRAUSS MAFEI 8112503-0011, LEYLAND ABU8563, LUBER-FINER LFF3507, M FILTER MP507, M.A.N. 81.12503.0011, M.T.U. 11225042001, MAHLE KX44, MANN & HUMMEL BF811, MANN & HUMMEL BFU811, MASSEY FERGUSON 2914107-M1, MASSEY FERGUSON 512593000, MOTORCRAFT EFG30, PBR AG101301, PERMATIC FI288, POWER PARTS AM043905, PUROLATOR PF454, RENAULT 24866064, RENAULT 4125030024, SAME 1.0780.0, SAVIEM 8112503-0011, SOPARIS PN118, STEYR 540-20-800-1B-0, STEYR 540-20-80B-02, STEYR 614-08-074-0, TALBOT 401102453, TECAFILTRES KX44, TECNOCAR N1020, TEHO 8016, TEHO B16, U.F.I. 21.051.00, VM ENGINES 45310011A, ZETTELMEYER Z62543,
F950-F WO
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F950-F WO
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F950-F WO