• BF1262

Baldwin BF1262, Fuel/Water Separator Filter Spin-on with Drain

VAT excluded
Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain , Thread: 1 1/4-12, OD:- 4 21/32 (118.3), Length: 12 1/16 (306.4), Igskt: [1] Included, Contains Integral Post Seal, Weight Kgs: 1.417, Volume m3: 0.005, Case Qty: 6, UPC: 7 91440 05681 7
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Description: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
Thread: 1 1/4-12
OD:- 4 21/32 (118.3)
Length: 12 1/16 (306.4)
Igskt: [1] Included
Contains: Integral Post Seal
Weight KGS: 1.417
Volume m3: 0.005
Case Qty: 6
Upc: 7 91440 05681 7


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CARQUEST 86645, CHAMPION LABORATORIES LFF1021, CUMMINS 3089916, DONALDSON P551006, FLEETGUARD FS1006, HASTINGS FF1142, KOMATSU 6003113110, KOMATSU 6003113111, 600‐319‐3111, LUBER-FINER LFF1021, NAPA 3645, SISU 1273400331, WIX 33645, WOODGATE WGFS1006,

Data sheet

Part Number
Overall Diameter
1 1/4-12

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