• BF1283

Baldwin BF1283, Fuel/Water Separator Filter Spin-on with Drain

VAT excluded
Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain , Thread: 41640, OD:- 4 9/32 (108.7), Length: 11 7/32 (285.0), Igskt: [1] Included, Contains Integral Post Seal, Weight Kgs: 1.185, Volume m3: 0.004, Case Qty: 12, UPC: 7 91440 06328 0
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Description: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
Thread: 41640
OD:- 4 9/32 (108.7)
Length: 11 7/32 (285.0)
Igskt: [1] Included
Contains: Integral Post Seal
Weight KGS: 1.185
Volume m3: 0.004
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 06328 0 Fits:
AG-CHEM EQUIPMENT 1064 RoGator w/Cat 3126 Eng., 1264C RoGator w/Cat C9 Eng., 1274C RoGator w/Cat C9 Eng., 874 RoGator w/Cat 3126B Eng., 9103 Terra-Gator w/Cat 3176 Eng., SS1074, SS1074C RoGators w/Cat 3126B Eng., 9105 Terra-Gator w/Cat 3176C Eng., ATLAS COPCO ROC D7, ROC D7C Drilling Rigs w/Cat 3116 Eng., ROC F9CR Drilling Rig w/Cat C9 Eng., ROC L6H Drilling Rig w/Cat C12 Eng., ROC L8 Drilling Rig w/Cat 3196 Eng., XAS756CD w/Cat 3126 Eng., CATERPILLAR D10R w/3412 Eng., D9R w/3408 Eng., Lexion 460, 460R, 465, 470 Combines w/3126B Eng., Lexion 470R, 475R Combines w/C9 Eng., Lexion 480R, 485R Combines w/C12 Eng., Challenger 65E w/3176 Eng., Challenger 75 w/3176 Eng., Challenger 75C, 75D w/3176 Eng., Challenger 75E w/3176 Eng., Challenger 85D w/3196 Eng., Challenger 85E, 95E w/3196 Eng., Lexion 450 Combine w/3126B Eng., Lexion 480, 485 Combines w/3176 Eng., 3304B Gen Set (XQ125), 3304B Gen Set Eng., 3306 Gen Set Eng., 3306B Gen Set Eng., 3306B Gen Set, 3406C Gen Set Eng., 3406C Gen Set, 3406E Gen Set, 3406E Gen Set Eng., 3412C Gen Set, 3456 Gen Set Eng., 3456 Gen Set, C12 Gen Set Eng., C15 Gen Set, C18 Gen Set, C18 Power Module, C27 Gen Set, C32 Gen Set, C32 Power Module (32.1L), E624, PM3456 Power Module, 3126, 3126B Industrial (7.2L), 3176B, 3176C Industrial, 3306, 3306B Industrial, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E Cat Equipment, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E Industrial, 3408B, 3408C, 3408E Industrial, 3412, 3412C, 3412E Cat Equipment, 3412C, 3412E Industrial, 3126 Cat Equipment (7.2L), 3176C Cat Equipment, 3196 Cat Equipment, 3196 Industrial, 3306 Cat Equipment, 3408 Cat Equipment, 3412 Industrial, 3456 Cat Equipment, 3456 Industrial, C10 (10.3L), C12 (12.0L), C9 (8.8L), 988F Series II w/3408E Eng., 988G Wheel Loader w/3456 Eng., 990 Series II w/3412, 3412E Engs., 990 w/3412 Eng., R1300G Series II w/C6.6 Eng., R1300G w/3306 Eng., R1600G w/3176C Eng., R1700 Series II w/3176B Eng., R1700G w/3176C Eng., R2900G w/3406E Eng., 3176C, 3196, 3406E, 365B MH w/3196 Eng., W345B MH Series II w/3176C Eng., 140H w/3176C Eng., 143H w/3176C Eng., 14H w/3176C Eng., 160H w/3176C Eng., 163H w/3176C Eng., 16H w/3196 Eng., 24H w/3412E Eng., 740, 740E Ejector Articulated w/3406E Eng., 740, 740E Ejector Articulated w/C15 Eng., AD30 Dump w/3406E Eng., AD40, AE40 Underground Articulated, D350E Series II Dump w/3406E Eng., D400E Series II Dump w/3406E Eng., R1700 Series II Load Haul Dump w/3176 Eng., 725 Articulated w/3176C Eng., 725 Articulated w/C11 Eng., 730 Articulated w/3196C Eng., 730 Articulated w/C11 Eng., 735 Articulated w/3406E Eng., 735 Articulated w/C15 Eng., 769D w/3408E Eng., 771D Quarry w/3408E Eng., 773D w/3412E Eng., 773E w/3412E Eng., 775D Quarry w/3412E Eng., 775E w/3412E Eng., AD45 w/3408E Eng., AD55, R1300 Load Haul Dump w/3306 Eng., R1300G Load Haul Dump w/3306 Eng., R1600 Load Haul Dump w/3176 Eng., R1600G Load Haul Dump w/3176C Eng., R1700G Load Haul Dump w/3176 Eng., R2900 Load Haul Dump w/3406 Eng., PM565 Cold Planer w/3408 Eng., PM565B Cold Planer w/3408C Eng., PM565B Cold Planer w/3408E Eng., 621G Tractor w/3406E Eng., 623G Tractor w/3406E Eng., 627G Wheel Tractor w/3406E Eng., 631E Tractor w/3408, 3408C Engs., 631G Wheel Tractor w/3408E Eng., 633E Series II Tractor, 637E Series II Wheel Tractor w/3408, 3408E Engs., 637E Tractor w/3408 Eng., 637G Wheel Tractor w/3408E Eng., 651E Tractor w/3412, 3412E Engs., 657E Scraper w/3408, 3408E Engs., 657E Wheel Tractor w/3412C, 3412E Engs., 769D Tractor w/3408 Eng., 773D Tractor w/3412E Eng., 836 w/3408 Series Eng., 836G w/3456 Eng., 834B, 834G w/3456 Eng., 844 w/3412E Eng., 330C, 330C L, 330C LN, 330C MH w/C9 Eng., 345B, 345B L, 345B LC, 345B Series II, 345 L Series II w/3176C Eng., 365B, 365B L, 365B LME w/3196 Eng., 365B Series II w/3196 Eng., 385B w/3456 Eng., 5090B w/3456 Eng., 5110 w/3412 Eng., 5110B w/3412E Eng., W345B Series II w/3176C Eng., X345B w/3176C Eng., CHALLENGER 660 Combine w/Cat C9 Eng., 670 Combine w/Cat C9 Eng., DELTA DT953 Mulching Tractor w/Cat 3196 Eng., DURATECH 4012 w/Cat 3412 Eng., FLORY Powr Trak WS900 Shredder w/Cat C12 Eng., MANITOWOC 777, 777T Cranes w/Cat 3176C Eng., 555 Crane w/Cat C9 Eng., 999 Crane w/Cat 3176C Eng., OLDENBURG SV45 Scaler, RACOR 4120 Series, TIGERCAT M760 Mulcher w/Cat C12 Eng., T750 Street Trencher w/Cat C12 Eng., VERMEER TG7000 Tub Grinder w/Cat 3412 Eng.

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