• BF7546

Baldwin BF7546, Fuel/Water Separator Filter Spin-on with Drain

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Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain , Thread: 41640, OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7), Length: 6 31/32 (177.0), Igskt: G401FGskt: ES24-D
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Description: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
Thread: 41640
OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 6 31/32 (177.0)
Igskt: G401
FGskt: ES24-D
Notes: CAUTION: Furnished D-Ring must be installed on threaded bushing before installing filter on D60E-7, D65E-7 and D75S-3 machines with NH220 or NT855 engines. Do NOT use on other Komatsu engines.
Contains: Integral Post Seal
Weight KGS: 0.59
Volume m3: 0.002
Case Qty: 12


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DP1103, FC5602, FC56081, FFS1009DV, SFF2631, SK3403, ACDELCO TP993, ALASKA DIESEL 2454808, AMERICAN PARTS 95108, AMERICAN PARTS 95115, AMERICAN PARTS 95522, AP-LOCKHEED APF81301A, ASAHI KF1561, ATLAS COPCO 2900535200, AVELING-BARFORD ABP3001579, BELL 220076, BIG A 95522, CARQUEST 86522, CASE 18115336C1, CASE 232639R91, CASE 244458R92, COMPAIR C160121043, DONALDSON P172656, DRESSER 127581, E.R.F. 156172, FIAAM FT4896, FILTER CONTROL LTD. FCL774, FLEETGUARD FF232, FLEETGUARD FF5076, FLEETGUARD FF5253, FLEETRITE FFR8232, FLEETRITE FFR85076, FLEETRITE FFR85253, FRAM P1102, G.U.D. Z247, G.U.D. Z94, GALION D127581, GENERAL MOTORS CORP. 25011493, GREYFRIARS 804S, HASTINGS FF1106, HITACHI 4192631, HITACHI 71497006, HITACHI 76191167, HITACHI L4192631, HOUGH 1214938H1, INGERSOLL-RAND 57231953, ISUZU 1132400440, ISUZU 13240021, ISUZU 1873106850, ISUZU X13240021, JCB (J.C. BAMFORD) 32919402, KOMATSU 6003118281, KOMATSU 6003118282, KOMATSU 6003118290, KOMATSU 6003118291, KOMATSU 6003118292, KOMATSU 6003118293E, KOMATSU 6003119120, KOMATSU 6003119121, KOMATSU 6004111141, KRALINATOR F444, LINK-BELT KTP0489, LUBER-FINER LFF4294, MANN & HUMMEL WK9552, MASSEY FERGUSON 1055915M3, MERCEDES-BENZ 3764770001, MOTORCRAFT FG84, NAPA 3522, ONAN 1492231, ORENSTEIN & KOPPEL 102605, ORENSTEIN & KOPPEL 1407218, PARKER PER231, PBR BG1522, ROMAN CBOS6172, TEC-FIL PS172, VOLVO 120036538, WIX 33522, WOODGATE WGF232, YALE & TOWNE 2078834, ZETTELMEYER 2288369,

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