• P40

Baldwin P40, Full-Flow Oil Filter Element with Bail Handle

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Full-Flow Lube Element with Bail Handle, OD:- 3 23/32 (94.5), ID:- 1/2 (12.7), Length: 4 7/16 (112.7), Ogskt: G115-A, G402FGskt: G105Grommets: [2] Attached, Related To: F813-F (Fuel Version), Weight Kgs: 0.304, Volume m3: 0.001, Case Qty: 12
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Description: Full-Flow Lube Element with Bail Handle
OD:- 3 23/32 (94.5)
ID:- 1/2 (12.7)
Length: 4 7/16 (112.7)
Ogskt: G115-A, G402
FGskt: G105
Grommets: [2] Attached
Related To: F813-F (Fuel Version)
Weight KGS: 0.304
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12


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Eng., GA40, YM40 w/Continental F162 Eng., YM20 w/Continental F162 Eng., YW20, YW40 Speedlifts, Models w/Continental 162, 226 Engs., QUICKWAY SHOVEL 85A, 105A, 105AC, 125A w/Continental F226 Eng., 150A w/Continental M330 Eng., READY-POWER Models w/Continental F162 Eng., RED WING 100, 115, Meteor 20, REXWORKS, INC. 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