• P960

Baldwin P960, By-Pass Oil Filter Element with Bail Handle

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By-Pass Lube Element with Bail Handle, OD:- 2 7/8 (73.0), ID:- 1/2 (12.7), & 9/16 (14.3), Length: 4 1/4 (108.0), FGskt: [1] IncludedGrommets: [2] Attached, Weight Kgs: 0.166, Volume m3: 0.001, Case Qty: 12, UPC: 7 91440 01065 9
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Description: By-Pass Lube Element with Bail Handle
OD:- 2 7/8 (73.0)
ID:- 1/2 (12.7) & 9/16 (14.3)
Length: 4 1/4 (108.0)
FGskt: [1] Included
Grommets: [2] Attached
Weight KGS: 0.166
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 01065 9 Fits:
AHLMANN A45, A45L w/Deutz F3L514 Eng., A111Z w/Deutz F3L514 Eng., ATLAS COPCO VT6, VT6Dd w/Deutz F6L514 Eng., UT2Dd w/Deutz F2L812 Diesel Eng., UT85Dd w/Deutz F2L812 Eng., VT3Dd w/Deutz F2L514 Eng., VT4Dd w/Deutz F3L514 Eng., VT5Dd w/Deutz F4L514 Eng., DEUTZ A12L614, F12L614, A12L714, BF12L714, F12L714, A2L514, F2L514, A2L612, F2L612, A2L712, F2L712, A3L514, F3L514, A3L612, F3L612, A3L712, F3L712, A4L712, F4L712, A6L614, F6L614, A6M617, F6M617, A8M517, BA8M517, F8M517, A8L614, F8L614, TM325, TM425, TM525, A2L310, A2L812, A3L812, A4L514, A4L612, A4L812, A4M517, A6L714, A6L714A, A6M517, A8L714, F2L812, F3L812, F4L514, F4L612, F4L812, F6L514, F6L712, F6L714, F6L714A, F6M517, F8L714, D2505 w/F2L812 Eng., D3005 w/F2L812 Eng., D4005 w/F3L812 Eng., D4505 w/F3L812 Eng., D5005 w/F4L812 Eng., D5505 w/F4L812 Eng., D6005 w/F3L812, F4L812 Engs., MICHIGAN RS60 Compactor w/Deutz F2L812 Eng., RS80 Compactor w/Deutz F3L812 Eng., RW180, RW181 Compactors, O & K S18 Grader, POCLAIN GC120, GY120 w/Deutz F6L514 Eng., TAMPO VC80 w/Deutz F2L812 Eng., VS125 w/Deutz F4L812 Eng., WHITEMAN P60 Pump w/Deutz F6L714 Eng.
O-2603, ABG 1168463, ACDELCO AC25, AHLMAN 1168463, ATLAS COPCO 1168-463, ATLAS COPCO 9709-0035-00, ATLAS COPCO 9711-0025, ATLAS COPCO 9712-5401, ATLAS COPCO 9712-5401-202, ATLAS COPCO 9790-1218, ATLAS COPCO 9790-1391, ATLAS COPCO PO8H4120, BALDWIN FILTER
4 Items

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