• P999

Baldwin P999, Full-Flow Oil Filter Element

VAT excluded
Full-Flow Lube Element, OD:- 4 31/32 (126.2), ID:- 11/16 (17.5), & 1 9/16 (39.7), Length: 9 11/16 (246.1), Ogskt: G159, G164-A, G263, G269, G278, G336, Notes: To convert to spin-on use OB1368 or OB1369 base and B96. CAUTION: When converting from bag-type with any conversion kit, lines must be switched so oil flows outside-in (see P996 for Baldwin
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Description: Full-Flow Lube Element
OD:- 4 31/32 (126.2)
ID:- 11/16 (17.5) & 1 9/16 (39.7)
Length: 9 11/16 (246.1)
Ogskt: G159, G164-A, G263, G269, G278, G336
Notes: To convert to spin-on use OB1368 or OB1369 base and B96. CAUTION: When converting from bag-type with any conversion kit, lines must be switched so oil flows outside-in (see P996 for Baldwin's solution).
Contains: Reinforced Centertube
End Seals:[2] Attached
Related To: P7599 (Extra Long Life Version)
Weight KGS: 0.704
Volume m3: 0.005
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 01098 7 Fits:
ADAMS 330, 330H w/Cummins Eng., 440, 440H, PF440 w/Cummins Eng., 550, PF550 w/Cummins Eng., 660, PF660 w/Cummins H6, HRF6 Engs., 666, PF666 w/Cummins H6, HRF6 Engs., 777, PF777 w/Cummins H6, HRF6 Engs., AG-CHEM EQUIPMENT 1253 Terra-Gator Sprayer w/Cummins V555 Eng., 1603 Terra-Gator w/Cummins V555, VT555 Engs., 2505 Spreader w/Cummins VT903 Eng., 3004 Go-Gator w/Cummins V504 Eng., ALLIS CHALMERS 41B w/Cummins VT1710C Eng., 440 w/Cummins 555 Eng., 440 w/Cummins V555C Eng., 31 w/Cummins Eng., 41 w/Cummins V12 Eng., FD50 w/Cummins VT1710 Eng., TR200, TS200 w/Cummins Eng., TS300, TW300 w/Cummins Eng., 161 w/Cummins Eng., AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK 25A Excavator w/Cummins VT555 Eng., 140 Hoist w/Cummins Eng., 250, 350 Hoists w/Cummins Eng., 5300 Crane w/Cummins N855 Eng., 700, 825, 830, 840 Cranes w/Two Cummins Engs., 8450, 8460 Cranes w/Cummins NTC350, NTF365 Engs., 9460, 9530 Cranes w/Cummins Eng., Models w/Cummins Eng., ATLAS COPCO PT1200 w/Cummins NT855C280, NTA855C360 Engs., PT900 w/Cummins NT855C280, NTA855C360 Engs., AUSTIN-WESTERN 780CM w/Two Cummins Engs., Pacer 100, 200, Super 100, 200, 200SR w/Cummins Eng., Pacer 300, Super 300 w/Cummins Eng., Pacer 400, Pacer 400SR, Super 400 w/Cummins C160 Eng., Pacer 500, Super 500 w/Cummins C160 Eng., 501 Power Grader w/Cummins VT555 Eng., 650 w/Cummins Eng., BANTAM, BAY CITY SHOVEL, BIG BUD HN350, KT350 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 360, HN360, KT360, 375 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 400 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., HN250 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., HN320 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., BOMAG K350, K350P, K351, K401, K451 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., BRAY 588, 588AWS Loaders w/Cummins Eng., BROOM & WADE WR431 w/Cummins NHC Eng., BROS LSPRM8, SP255DA w/Cummins Eng., SP10000 w/Cummins Eng., SSPRM7 w/Cummins Eng., BUCYRUS-ERIE 110T Crane w/Cummins Eng., 20H Backhoe w/Cummins Eng., 325H Excavator w/Cummins V903C, VT903C Engs., 350H Excavator w/Cummins Eng., 60R Drill w/Cummins Eng., 36L w/Cummins HF600 Eng., 38B Crane w/Cummins NH250 Eng., BUFFALO-SPRINGFIELD K45 Kompactor w/Cummins Eng., PSR30 Kompactor w/Cummins Eng., CEDARAPIDS, CHAMPION 100T w/Cummins VT1710 Eng., D562 w/Cummins Eng., D600 w/Cummins Eng., CHICAGO-PNEUMATIC 900RO2 w/Cummins Eng., CLARK 668C, 668CGS, 668D w/Cummins VT555 Eng., 667 w/Cummins Eng., 880 w/Cummins V903C Eng., COMPAIR WR600, WR630 w/Cummins NH220 Eng., R370 w/Cummins NH220 Eng., CONSOLIDATED 365RO-2 w/Cummins V504 Eng., 900RO-2 w/Cummins NT360 Eng., CORBITT, CRANE CARRIER, CUMMINS Power Torque 300D, NT310, Power Torque 330D, Formula 230, NTC230, NTC230S, Formula 270, PT270, Formula 290, NHHTC290, NHHTC290 Formula, NTC290, NTCC290, NTCC290 Formula, NTC290R, N855, NT855, NTA855, NTC855 Series (N14), NH230, NHC250 Truck Engs., NHH250 Truck Eng., NHHTC335, NT335, NTC335, NT280, NTC280, NT380, NTA380, NTA400 Truck Eng., NTA420 Truck Eng., NTC250, NTC250S, Formula 250, NTC350, Formula 350, NTC400, NTCC400, NTF250 Truck Eng., NTF365 Truck Eng., V555, VT555, V903, VT903, V903C, VT903C, VT12-800GS/GC, VTA12-800GS/GC, VT1710C525, VT1710C635, VTA1710C700, VT1710F Industrial Fire Pump Eng., VT225 Truck Eng., Some Early Models, NTA370, NTA420C, NTC270CT, V12-500GS/GC, V1710C500, VT12-635GS/GC, VT12-700GS/GC, VTA1710C800, CURTISS-WRIGHT, DAVEY, DRESSER 570, DROTT 2510 Crane w/Cummins NH230 Eng., 600B Excavator w/Cummins NT855 Eng., DYNAPAC, EIMCO, EUCLID CH120 w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., R15, R18 (FD, FDT Series) w/Cummins Eng., R30, R35 (TD, TDT Series) w/Cummins KT1150C Eng., R40, R45 (FFD, LD, LDT Series) w/Cummins Eng., A464 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., R20 (FD, FDT Series) w/Cummins Eng., R22 (TD, TDT Series) w/Cummins Eng., R25 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., R27 (TD, TDT Series) w/Cummins Eng., R50 w/Cummins Eng., R75 w/Cummins VTA28C Eng., 13LDT, 16LDT, 17LDT, 18LDT, 22LDT, 24LDT w/Cummins Eng., 19TD, 20TD w/Cummins Eng., 1FDT, 2FDT, 3FDT, 4FDT, 5FDT, 6FDT, 7FDT, 8FDT, 9FDT, 11FDT, 12FDT, 15FDT, 16FDT, 17FDT, 18FDT, 19FDT w/Cummins Eng., 1TD, 2TD, 3TD, 4TD, 7TD, 8TD, 12TD w/Cummins Eng., 1TDT, 2TDT, 4TDT, 5TDT, 7TDT, 8TDT, 14TDT, 15TDT w/Cummins Eng., 20FDT, 23FDT, 25FDT, 26FDT, 27FDT, 29FDT, 30FDT, 31FDT, 32FDT, 36FDT w/Cummins Eng., 27FD, 28FD, 31FD, 36FD, 38FD, 48FD w/Cummins Eng., 2FD, 4FD, 5FD, 18FD, 20FD, 22FD, 25FD w/Cummins Eng., 2FFD, 3FFD w/Cummins Eng., 2LD, 3LD, 4LD, 5LD w/Cummins Eng., 2LDT, 3LDT, 4LDT, 5LDT, 7LDT, 9LDT w/Cummins Eng., 30TD, 31TD, 32TD w/Cummins Eng., 39FDT, 40FDT w/Cummins Eng., 45FDT, 48FDT, 54FDT w/Cummins Eng., 5FFD, 6FFD w/Cummins Eng., 72FDT, 74FDT, 76FDT w/Cummins Eng., 79FD, 80FD, 81FD w/Cummins Eng., 86FD, 87FD w/Cummins Eng., 94FD (R15, R18 Rear Dumps) w/Cummins Eng., 10FFD w/Cummins Eng., 11LD w/Cummins V12 Eng., 15FFD w/Cummins Eng., 16TD w/Cummins Eng., 1LLD w/Cummins Eng., 24TDT w/Cummins Eng., 28TDT w/Cummins Eng., 36LDT (SS40 Scraper) w/Cummins NHV12 Eng., 36TD w/Cummins Eng., 37TD w/Cummins Eng., 46TD w/Cummins Eng., 4FFD w/Cummins Eng., 63TD w/Cummins Eng., 66TD w/Cummins Eng., 6LLD w/Cummins Eng., 70FDT w/Cummins Eng., 70TD (R30 Rear Dump) w/Cummins Eng., 75TD (R35 Rear Dump) w/Cummins Eng., 96FD (R20 Rear Dump) w/Cummins Eng., SS40 (36LDT Series) w/Cummins NHV12 Eng., FIAT-ALLIS 41B (To S/N 3658), FD50, 161 (To S/N 13S00314), FIELD QUEEN 7800 Harvester w/Cummins 903 Eng., FORD FW20 w/Cummins V555, VT555 Engs., FW60 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., FOX RIVER 0430 w/Cummins Eng., FWD L60 Loader w/Cummins Eng., GALION, GRADALL 4435, 4445, 4450 Cranes w/Cummins V555 Eng., G1000 w/Cummins NHC4B1, JNR100C1 Engs., GRIMMER SCHMIDT 450, 750 w/Cummins V903C Eng., GROVE HL150T Crane w/Cummins Eng., TMS300LP Crane w/Cummins Eng., RT65S w/Cummins V555 Eng., HAULMASTERS H25T, H35T w/Cummins NT855C Eng., HEATHFIELD ENGINEERING DE50 w/Cummins NT280 Eng., H25 w/Cummins Eng., HEIL 55T, 75T w/Cummins Eng., HEIN-WARNER C10, C10HD, T10, T10HD, T12HD Rotograders w/Cummins C140 Eng., C12HD, C14 w/Cummins C140 Eng., HOUGH D100, D100 Series B, H100, H100 Series B, H100 Series C w/Cummins Eng., D400, H400, H400B, H400C, D500, H500 w/Cummins V1710C, VT1710C Series Engs., D90 Series C w/Cummins V6R180 Eng., H60, H60C w/Cummins JF6, JF6-1 Engs., H65 Series B w/Cummins JN6 Eng., H65 Series C w/Cummins C160, JN130, 464C Engs., H70 Series C, H70 Series F w/Cummins Eng., H70, H70 Series B w/Cummins JF6, JN6, C160 Engs., H80 Series A w/Cummins Eng., H90 Series C, H90 Series E w/Cummins Eng., H90, H90 Series B w/Cummins Eng., L100, D120, D120 Series B, C, H120, H120 Series B, C, L120 w/Cummins Eng., 570 w/Cummins Eng., HO w/Cummins Eng., HUBER-WARCO D1400, D1500 w/Cummins H135 Eng., Models w/Cummins H6, JN6, JS6 Engs., HYMAC 1080, 1150 w/Cummins V6-200, V8-185 Engs., 880C, 888 w/Cummins V504-C Eng., 1290 w/Cummins NH220B Eng., 1290 w/Cummins NH221B1 Eng., 400 w/Cummins NH205, NH220 Engs., 400 w/Cummins NTC290 Eng., 400 w/Cummins NTC335 Eng., LW30 w/Cummins NT335 Eng., IHC PH350 Payhauler w/Cummins VT1710C Eng., PH350B Payhauler w/Cummins VT1710C Eng., INGERSOLL-RAND DXL1050 Compressor w/Cummins V903 Eng., ISCO IC235, IC240 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., ICA22, ICA22R w/Cummins NH230 Eng., IC23R w/Cummins NH855-C250 Eng., IC250 w/Cummins Eng., JAEGER 175 Loader w/Cummins Eng., JOHN DEERE WA14, WA17 w/Cummins Eng., JOY RP900 Compressor w/Cummins NRT06 Eng., KNUDSON 250, 310, 335 w/Cummins N855C, NT855C Engs., KOEHRING 1205 2-1/2 Yard Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 12051A 3 Yard Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 34E Paver w/Cummins HBIS600 Eng., 440H Crane w/Cummins Eng., 805 2 Yard Shovel w/Cummins Eng., KOMATSU HD455-1 w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., HD680-2 w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., JH90EV w/Cummins V903 Eng., D455A-1 w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., GD40-2 w/NH220C1 Eng., W170 w/Cummins V903 Eng., KW-DART 2085 Coal Hauler w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., 3065, 3075 Haulers w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., 4100, 4120 Bottom Dumps w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., 600SL Loader w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., D2330 Rear Dump w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., D2541, D2552, D2562, D2662, D2772, DE2772 Rear Dumps w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., D600 Loader w/Cummins VTA1710-C700 Eng., DE620, 675 Loaders w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., KW80 Log Stacker w/Cummins NT855C Eng., D4552 w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., Most Models w/Cummins Eng., LEROI LRD2C, LRD2W Rotary Drills w/Cummins J6 Eng., LETOURNEAU-MARATHON Series F Log Stackers, Series R Logging Cranes, Series YC, YD Electric Arches w/Cummins NHB1-600 Eng., L50, L130 Scrapers w/Two Cummins VT12B1 Engs., LETOURNEAU-WESTINGHOUSE 300, 330H, 440, 440H Graders w/Cummins Eng., 550, 660B, 666, PF666 Graders w/Cummins Eng., 800 Speedpull w/Cummins VT12-700 Eng., B Rear Dump, B Speedpull, B Tournapull w/Cummins NRTO6, NHRB1S600 Engs., C Rear Dump, C Speedpull, C Tournadozer, C Tournapull, Twin C Tournapull, C Tournatractor w/Cummins Eng., D Rear Dump, D Tournapull w/Cummins Eng., L700 Loader, 777, PF777 Graders w/Cummins Eng., LW27, LW30, LW32, LW35 w/Cummins NT335, NT380 Engs., LIEBHERR R991 w/Two Cummins NTA855C Engs., LINK-BELT HTC1040 w/Cummins Eng., LS108B w/Cummins N855P Eng., LORAIN 300 Loader w/Cummins CS464C Eng., 30H Crane w/Cummins C190 Eng., 400 Loader w/Cummins N855C Eng., LRT40U Crane w/Cummins Eng., MC790 Crane w/Two Cummins Engs., MACK, MANITOWOC, MARION, MASSEY FERGUSON MF66 Loader w/Cummins Eng., MF77 Loader w/Cummins Eng., MF88 Loader w/Cummins Eng., MASTER MWR380, MWR600 w/Cummins Eng., METRO Chiparvester 75 w/Cummins Eng., MICHIGAN 125B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 110 Series I, 110 Series III Scrapers w/Cummins C175 Eng., 125 Series III Articulated Wheel Loader w/Cummins Eng., 125A Series I Wheel Loader w/Cummins JN6C1 Eng., 125A Series II Wheel Loader w/Cummins C160C1, C175C1 Engs., 125C Wheel Loader w/Cummins Eng., 175A Series I Wheel Loader w/Cummins C175C1 Eng., 175A Series II Wheel Loader w/Cummins V8R240C1 Eng., 175A Series III Wheel Loader w/Cummins V8R240C1 Eng., 175B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 180 Series I Dozer w/Cummins C175C1 Eng., 180 Series III Dozer w/Cummins C175C1 Eng., 210 Series I Scraper w/Cummins NTO6 Eng., 210 Series III Scraper w/Cummins NT335C1 Eng., 210 Series IIIH Scraper w/Cummins Eng., 210H Scraper w/Cummins Eng., 275A Series II Wheel Loader w/Cummins NTO310C1 Eng., 275A Series III Articulated Wheel Loader w/Cummins NT335C1 Eng., 275A Series III Wheel Loaders w/Cummins NT310C1 Eng., 275A Wheel Loader w/Cummins NTO6C1 Eng., 275B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 280 Series I Dozer w/Cummins NTO6-B1 Eng., 280 Series III Dozer w/Cummins NT310 Eng., 310 Series I Scraper w/Cummins NT380 Eng., 375 Wheel Loader w/Cummins NRTO6C1 Eng., 380 Series I Dozer w/Cummins NRTO6-B1 Eng., 380 Series II Dozer w/Cummins NVH12 Eng., 380 Series IIIA Dozer w/Cummins Eng., 410 Dozer/Scraper w/Cummins Eng., 45B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 475 Series III Articulated Wheel Loader w/Cummins V12-635C1 Eng., 475 Series IIIA Wheel Loader w/Cummins Eng., 480TD Dozer w/Cummins VT12-635C1, VT700 Engs., 75 Series III Wheel Loader w/Cummins Eng., 85 Series II Wheel Loader w/Cummins JN6C1, JN130C1 Engs., 85 Series III Wheel Loader w/Cummins C160C1 Eng., MORBARK 75 Chipper w/Cummins Eng., M-R-S I100S, I100ES w/Cummins NT855C Eng., I120S w/Cummins VT1710 Eng., A90 w/Cummins Eng., NELSON, O & K G350 Grader w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., RH30 Excavator w/Cummins VT903C Eng., RH40C Excavator w/Cummins VT903C Eng., RH75 Excavator w/Two Cummins NTA855C Engs., OLIVER OL175 w/Cummins Eng., ONAN DFM Series w/Cummins Eng., OSHKOSH, P & H HARNISCHFEGER 1025A, 1055B, 1055BLC w/Cummins NT335 Eng., 1200 Hoe w/Cummins Eng., 1400DE, 1500DE w/Cummins Eng., 420, 425, 440, 525, 535 w/Cummins JN6, HR6 Engs., 5100 Crane w/Cummins Eng., 5300A Crane w/Cummins Eng., 550 w/Cummins Eng., 6250TC Truck Crane Upper Frame w/Cummins NT380 Eng., 6250TC Truck Crane Carrier w/Cummins V12-1710B Eng., 9125A-TC Truck Crane w/Cummins NTF365 Carrier Eng., 9125A-TC Truck Crane w/Cummins V903 Upper Frame Eng., 955, 1010, 1015 w/Cummins NHRS6 Eng., 1055BLC w/Cummins NVH12 Eng., 255ATC w/Cummins Eng., PETTIBONE-MULLIKEN Master 10 w/Cummins Eng., QUICKWAY SHOVEL 250B w/Cummins C160 Eng., RAYGO Grizzly 100 Tractor w/Cummins NT855C Eng., Ram 3-60 Roller w/Cummins NT855C Eng., Ram 60, Ram-Pak 60 Rollers w/Cummins NT855C Eng., Ram 75, Ram-Pak 75 Rollers w/Cummins NT855C Eng., RICKEL MANUFACTURING Big A 2500 w/Cummins VT555 Eng., Big A 2600 w/Cummins V555, VT555 Engs., Big A 4500 w/Cummins VT555 Eng., Big A 3500 w/Cummins VT555 Eng., Big A 4500 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., SCOOPMOBILE, INC., STEIGER ST250 Cougar III w/Cummins Eng., PTA295 w/Cummins V903 Eng., TAYLOR MACHINE LA830, LA830B w/Cummins V504C Eng., TEREX TS24 w/Cummins NTC310 Eng., TIMBERJACK 550 w/Cummins V555 Eng., UNIT RIG M120-17 Lectra Haul w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., VERSATILE 800 w/Cummins N855 Eng., WABCO 120 Coal Hauler, 85C Haulpak Truck w/Cummins KT2300C Eng., 1200 Loader w/Cummins V1710C Eng., 120CT Off-Highway Hauler w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., 35C Haulpak Truck w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., 444 Road Grader w/Cummins H743C Eng., 444 Road Grader w/Cummins N855 Eng., 50 Off-Highway Truck w/Cummins V16, V1710C, VT1710C Engs., 500B Loader, 555 Grader w/Cummins N855C, NT855C Engs., 60, 75B, 85C Haulpak Trucks w/Cummins VT1710C, VTA1710C Engs., 35 w/Cummins NT380 Eng., WAGNER SF17, WC17 Compactors w/Cummins Eng., YALE & TOWNE 2000 w/Cummins V555 Eng., 2000C Shovel w/Cummins V555 Eng., 3000 Loader, 3000C Shovel w/Cummins V903C Eng., 304, 304A w/Cummins Eng., 5500 Shovel, 5500C Loader w/Cummins NT855C Eng., 204 w/Cummins JF6B1, JN6 Engs., 254 w/Cummins JF6B1, JN6 Engs., 3000 w/Cummins C180C1 Eng., 400 w/Cummins V8-265 Eng., 4000 Loader w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 4000 w/Cummins V8-265 Eng., 404 w/Cummins NH250 Eng., 6000 Loader w/Cummins NT855C Eng., 6000 w/Cummins V8-265 Eng., C180 w/Cummins Eng., Models w/Most Cummins Eng.
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