• DF408

Baldwin DF408, Cotton and Fiber By-Pass Oil Filter Sock with Pull-Out Bail Handle

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Cotton and Fiber By-Pass Lube Sock with Pull-Out Bail Handle, OD:- 5 3/4 (146.1), ID:- 7/8 (22.2), & 1 9/16 (39.7), Length: 10 (254.0), FGskt: G148End Seals:[1] Attached, Weight Kgs: 1.285, Volume m3: 0.007, Case Qty: 6, UPC: 7 91440 00471 9
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Description: Cotton and Fiber By-Pass Lube Sock with Pull-Out Bail Handle
OD:- 5 3/4 (146.1)
ID:- 7/8 (22.2) & 1 9/16 (39.7)
Length: 10 (254.0)
FGskt: G148
End Seals:[1] Attached
Weight KGS: 1.285
Volume m3: 0.007
Case Qty: 6
Upc: 7 91440 00471 9


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