• BF587-D

Baldwin BF587-D, Fuel Filter Spin-on with Drain

VAT excluded

Fuel Spin-on with Drain, Thread: M16 x 1.5, OD:- 3 1/32 (77.0mm), Length: 6 1/8 (155.6mm), Related To: BF5587-D

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Description: Secondary Fuel Spin-on with Drain
Thread: M16 x 1.5
OD:- 3 1/32 (77.0mm)
Length: 6 1/8 (155.6mm)
Igskt: G449-B
Related To: BF5587-D (with Trapped O-Ring)
Weight KGS: 0.484
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12


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BAMFORD) 210 w/Perkins Eng., JLG INDUSTRIES INC. 450A Series II Boom Lift w/Deutz F3M2011E Eng., 600A, 600A Narrow, 600AJ, 600AJ Narrow, 600S, 600SC, 600SJ, 600SJC w/Deutz F4M1011 Eng., 800S, 860SJ w/Deutz F4M2011 Eng., 1200SJP w/Deutz BF4M2011 Eng., 1350SJP w/Deutz BF4M2011 Eng., KAELBLE SL14B Loader w/M.A.N. 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(Tier 2), MF451 w/Perkins 1103C (3.3L) Eng., MF50C, MF6260 w/Perkins 1006-60NA Eng., MCCORMICK C70, CX70, CX75 w/Perkins 1004-42 Eng., C90, C100 w/Perkins 1004-40T Turbo Eng., CX80, CX90, CX100 w/Perkins 1004-40 Turbo Eng., CX95, CX105 w/Perkins 1004-40T Eng., MC80, MC90, MC100, MC115 w/Perkins 1004-40 Turbo Eng., C80 w/Perkins 1004-40T Turbo Eng., MILLER ELECTRIC Big 40 w/Cat 3024C Eng., Big 40 w/Continental TMD20 Eng., Big Blue 251D w/Deutz F3L1011 Eng., Big Blue 402P, Big Blue 502P, Big Blue 602P w/Perkins 3.152 Eng., Big Blue 500D, Big Blue 600X w/Deutz F3L912 Eng., Big Blue 500D, Big Blue 600X w/Deutz F4L2011 Eng., Big Blue 700DX w/Deutz F4L912 Eng., Big Blue Turbo w/Deutz BF4M2011 Eng., Pipe Pro 304 w/Kubota DH905 Eng., MULLER GDF204, GDFK204, GDF304, GDFK304, GDF354, GDFK354 w/Deutz Eng., NEW HOLLAND B95, B95 LR Backhoe Loaders, B95 TC Tool Carrier w/445T/M2 Eng., B95B, B95B LR Backhoe Loaders, B95B TC Tool Carrier w/445TA Eng., LW110, LW130 Wheel Loaders w/Fiat 8065 Eng., B110 Backhoe Loader w/445T/M2 Eng., B115 Backhoe Loader w/445T/M2 Eng., LB110.B Backhoe Loader w/445TA/M2 Eng., LB115.B Backhoe Loader w/F4GE0484G*D (4.5L) Eng., LB75 Backhoe Loader w/3.9L Diesel Eng., LB90.B Backhoe Loader w/445TA/M2 Eng., LM430 Telehandler w/Iveco Eng., LM430 Telehandler w/New Holland Eng., LM640 Telehandler w/Iveco Eng., LM640 Telehandler w/New Holland Eng., 60-86, 62-86 w/Iveco 8035E Eng., 70-86, 72-86 w/Iveco 8045.06 Eng., TK76 Crawler w/Iveco 8045.06 (3.6L) Eng., TK85, TK85M Crawlers w/Iveco 8045.06 (3.9L) Eng., TL70, TL80 w/Iveco 3.6L, 3.9L Engs., TL90, TL100 w/3.9L Eng., TN70, TN70D,TN70S, TN75, TN75D, TN75S, TN90, TN90D, TN90S, 3010, 4230, 4430, 4835 w/Fiat 3.6L Eng., 5635 w/Fiat Eng., 6635 w/Fiat 3.9L Diesel Eng., 7635, TN55, TN55D, TN55S w/2.9L Diesel Eng., TN65, TN65D, TN65S w/2.9L Diesel Eng., TN65F w/3.9L Diesel Eng., TN65V w/2.9L Diesel Eng., TN70F w/3.9L Diesel Eng., TN75F w/3.9L Diesel Eng., TN75V w/2.9L Diesel Eng., TN80F w/3.9L Diesel Eng., TN90F w/3.9L Diesel Eng., TN95F, TN95FA w/4 Cyl. 3.9L Turbo Eng., TT55 w/2.7L Eng., TT65 w/Iveco 3 Cyl. Diesel Eng., TT75 w/3.6L Eng., O & K L10.5 Loader w/Perkins 1004-42 Eng., L4B Loader w/Deutz F3L011 Eng., PAUS PFL8 Underground Loader w/Deutz BF3L2011 Eng., PRO-TEC 224 Sprinter Roller w/Deutz F2L1011F Eng., Boxer 110 Roller w/Perkins 1004-40T Eng., PR20, PR24 Road Star w/Perkins Eng., PUTZMEISTER M740D Conveyor w/Deutz F3M1011 Eng., RAYCO C85D Mini Crawler w/Deutz BF4M1011 Eng., RG50 Super Cutter w/Deutz F3M1011 Eng., RG85 Stump Cutter w/Deutz BF4M1011 Eng., EXC133 Stump Cutter w/Deutz BF6M1012 Eng., RG1642M Stump Cutter w/Deutz F3L1011 Eng., RG1665 w/Deutz BF4L1011 Eng., RG1672M w/Deutz F4L1011 Eng., SCHAEFF SKL863 w/Perkins 1004-40 Eng., SKL873 Loader w/Perkins 1006-60T Eng., SCHWING P103 Pump w/Deutz F2L2011 Eng., P204, P305 Pumps w/Deutz F2L2011 Eng., SOMERO S240 w/Deutz F4M1011 Eng., STA VH700 Roller w/Deutz BF4M1012 Eng., STEYR-DAIMLER-PUCH 8055, 8055A, 8055AS, 8055S, 8110, 8110A, 8130, 8130 Turbo, 188, 955, 964, 970, STONE Wolfpack 6400 w/Deutz F2L1011 Eng., TARGET Pro 100 w/Deutz BF4M2011 Eng., Pro 65 III Diesel w/Deutz BF3L1011 Eng., TURK TRAKTOR VE ZIRAAT MAKINELERI A.S. 55-46, 55-56, 55-66DT w/Tumosan 8035.06 Eng., VM ENGINES 488HTA, HR692HTA, VOLKSWAGEN 1.9 ADG, 22 KW Generator Set, ADE 1.9 Turbo Diesel, VOLVO L35B w/Deutz BF4L1011F Eng., ZL402C w/Deutz F3L1011F Eng., ZL502C w/Deutz F4L1011F Eng., WEIDEMANN 4004D/D, 4004D/P, 4204D/D, 4204D/P w/Deutz BF4L1011 Eng., WHITEMAN SV12 Concrete Sprayer w/Deutz BF4M1012 Eng.


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Part Number
Overall Diameter
M16 x 1.5

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