RT5017, Hydraulic Filter Spin-on
  • RT5017, Hydraulic Filter Spin-on

RT5017, Hydraulic Filter Spin-on

VAT excluded

Maximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Spin-on, Thread: 1 3/8-12, OD:- 3 3/4 (95.3), Length: 9 19/32 (243.7)

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Description: Maximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Spin-on
Thread: 1 3/8-12
OD:- 3 3/4 (95.3)
Length: 9 19/32 (243.7)
Igskt: [1] Included
Notes: Rated 1000 PSI minimum burst NOT interchangeable with BT8850-MPG. Can be used with OB8711, OB8712, OB8720, OB8721, OB8722, OB8724, OB8726, OB8731, OB8732, OB8740, OB8741, OB8742, OB8743, OB8744, OB8745, OB8746 filter bases.
Weight KGS: 1.376
Volume m3: 0.004
Case Qty: 6


AG-CHEM EQUIPMENT 544 RoGator w/Cummins 3.9L Eng., 554 RoGator w/Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng., 854 RoGator w/Cummins 6BTA5.9 Eng., 874 RoGator w/Cat 3126B Eng., SS1074, SS1074C RoGators w/Cat 3126B Eng., 1254 RoGator w/Cummins ISB5.9L Eng., AGCO R62 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R65 w/Cummins QSC8.3 Eng., R75 w/Cummins M11 Eng., 9630 w/Deutz BF6L913 Eng., 9635 w/Series 40 (7.6L) Eng., 9650 w/Deutz BF6L913 Eng., 9655 w/Series 40 (7.6L) Eng., 9670 w/Deutz BF6L513 Eng., 9675 w/Series 40 (8.7L) Turbo Eng., 9690 w/Deutz BF6L513 Eng., 9695 w/Series 40 (8.7L) Turbo Eng., 9815 w/Series 40 (8.7L) Turbo Eng., BANDIT INDUSTRIES, INC. 4000 Stump Grinder w/JD6081H Eng., BOBCAT 5600 Turbo Toolcat w/Kubota V2003T Eng., 430, 430 ZHS w/Kubota V2203M Eng., 435, 435 ZHS w/Kubota V2203 Eng., 963, 963G w/Perkins 1004-4 Eng., BUHLER VERSATILE 2210 w/Genesis 7.5L Eng., CASE 721D, 721DXT Wheel Loaders w/Iveco 6TAA6804 (6.8L) Eng., 650K Series 2 w/445T (4.5L) Eng., 650K Series 3 w/445T (4.5L) Eng., 650K w/Cummins 4T-390 Eng., 750K Series 2 w/445T (4.5L) Eng., 750K Series 3 w/445T (4.5L) Eng., 750K w/Cummins 4T-390 Eng., 750L w/445TA Eng., 850K Series 2 w/668T/M2 Eng., 850K Series 3 w/668T/M2 Eng., 850K w/Cummins 6T-590 Eng., 850L w/667TA Eng., CASE-INTERNATIONAL CVX1135, CVX1145, CVX1155, CVX1170, CVX1190 w/6.6L T/I Eng., MX200, MX210, MX220, MX230 Magnum w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., MX240, MX255, MX270 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., Magnum 215, MX215 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng. (Tier 3), Magnum 245, MX245 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng. (Tier 3), Magnum 255 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., Magnum 275, MX275 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng. (Tier 3), Magnum 305, MX305 w/Cummins 9.0L Eng., Magnum 335 w/Cummins 9.0L Eng., CVX1195 w/6.6L T/I Eng., CVX120 w/6.6L Turbo Eng., CVX130 w/6.6L Turbo Eng., CVX150 w/6.6L Turbo Eng., CVX170 w/6.6L Turbo Eng., MX180 Magnum w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., MX285 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., CATERPILLAR D3K LGP, D3K XL w/C4.4 Eng., D3K LGP, D3K XL w/C4.4 Eng., D4C XL Series III w/3046 Eng., D4K LGP, D4K XL w/C4.4 Eng., D5C, D5C LGP, D5C XL Series III w/3046 Eng., D5K LGP, D5K XL w/C4.4 Eng., D6K LGP, D6K XL w/C6.6 Eng., D6N, D6N FTC, D6N LGP, D6N XL w/3126B Eng., D6N, D6N LGP, D6N XL w/C6.6 Eng., D3C, D3C LGP, D3C XL Series III w/3046 Eng., D3G w/3046T Eng., D4G w/3046T Eng., D5G w/3046T Eng., D8T w/C15 Eng., Challenger 35 w/3116 Eng., Challenger 45 w/3116 Eng., Challenger 55 w/3126 Eng., TK371, TK381 Industrial Tractors w/3126 Eng., 515 Skidder, 550B Wheel Harvester w/3056E Eng., 554 Forwarder w/3054 Eng., 560B Wheel Harvester w/3056E Eng., 564 Forwarder w/3056E Eng., 574 Forwarder w/3126 Eng., 574B Forwarder w/3056E Eng., G3606 Natural Gas, G3608 Natural Gas, G3612 Natural Gas, G3616 Natural Gas, IT14G w/3054 Eng., IT14G w/3054C Eng., IT24F w/3114 Eng., IT28F w/3116 Eng., IT28G w/3056E Eng., IT28G w/3116 Eng., IT38F w/3116 Eng., IT38G Series II w/3126B Eng., IT38G w/3126 Eng., IT38H w/C6.6 Eng., IT62G Series II w/3126B Eng., IT62G, IT62H w/C7 Eng., 216, 226, 228 Skid Steer Loaders w/3034 Eng., 232, 242 Skid Steer Loaders w/3024 Eng., 236, 246, 248, 252, 262 Skid Steer Loaders w/3034 Eng., 247, 257, 267, 277 Skid Steer Loaders w/3034 Eng., 287 Skid Steer Loader w/Perkins 2.9L Eng., 287C, 289C, 297C Loaders w/3044C Eng., 446B Backhoe/Loader w/3114 Eng., 535B Skidder w/3126 Eng., 545 Skidder w/3306 Eng., 906H, 907H Compact Wheel Loaders w/C3.4, 3044C Engs., 908 w/3054 Eng., 924G, 924GZ w/3056 Eng., 924G, 924GZ w/3056E Eng., 933C, 933C LGP w/3046 Eng., 938G Series II w/3126B Eng., 950G Series II w/3126B Eng., 962G Series II w/3126B Eng., 966G Series II w/3176C Eng., 972G Series II 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Eng., 279C Compact Track Loader w/3044C Eng., 287B w/3044C Eng., 299C Compact Track Loader w/3044C Eng., 525 Skidder w/3304 Eng., 525B Skidder w/3126 Eng., 525C Skidder w/C7 Eng., 535C Skidder w/C7 Eng., 545C Skidder w/C7 Eng., 902 w/3024 Eng., 904 w/3054 Eng., 906 w/3034 Eng., 906 w/3044C Eng., 908 w/3044C Eng., 908H Compact Wheel Loader w/C3.4, 3044C Engs., 910 w/3114 Eng., 910G w/3064 Eng., 914 w/3054T Eng., 914G Backhoe/Loader w/3054T Eng., 924F w/3114 Eng., 924H w/C6.6 Eng., 928G w/3056E Eng., 928G w/3116 Eng., 928Hz w/C6.6 Eng., 930G w/3056E Eng., 930H w/C6.6 Eng., 938F w/3116 Eng., 938G w/3126 Eng., 938H w/C6.6 Eng., 939C w/3046T Eng., 950G Wheel Loader w/3126 Eng., 950H Wheel Loader w/C7 Eng., 953D Loader w/C6.6 Eng., 962G w/3126 Eng., 962H w/C7 Eng., 963D Loader w/C6.6 Eng., 966G w/3306 Eng., 972G w/3306 Eng., 973D Track Loader w/C9 Eng., 988H Wheel Loader w/C18 Eng., 990H w/C27 Eng., 992G w/3508B Eng., 992K w/C32 Eng., 994D w/3516B Eng., 994F w/3516B Eng., R1300G Series II w/C6.6 Eng., R1600G w/3176C Eng., R1700G w/3176C Eng., R2900G w/3406E Eng., 345C MH w/C13 Eng., W345C MH w/C13 Eng., 120M w/C6.6 Eng., 12M w/C6.6 Eng., 140M w/C7 Eng., 143H w/3306 Eng., 14M w/C11 Eng., 160M w/C9 Eng., 163H w/3306 Eng., 16M w/C13 Eng., 24M w/C18 Eng., 740, 740E Ejector Articulated w/C15 Eng., AD30 Dump w/3406E Eng., AD30 Dump w/C15 Eng., 769D w/3408E Eng., 771D Quarry w/3408E Eng., 773D w/3412E Eng., 773E w/3412E Eng., 775D Quarry w/3412E Eng., 775E w/3412E Eng., AD45B, AD55, AD55B Underground Articulated Truck w/C27 Eng., R1600G Load Haul Dump w/3176C Eng., R1700G Load Haul Dump w/3176 Eng., R2900G Load Haul Dump w/3406E Eng., PM465 Cold Planer w/3406C Eng., PM565 Cold Planer w/3408 Eng., AP1000D Asphalt Paver w/C7 Eng., AP1055D Asphalt Paver w/C7 Eng., AP655C w/3056E Eng., BG2455D Asphalt Paver w/C7 Eng., BG260D Asphalt Paver w/C7 Eng., PM201 Cold Planer w/C18 Eng., PM565B Cold Planer w/3408C Eng., PM565B Cold Planer w/3408E Eng., 769D Tractor w/3408 Eng., 773D Tractor w/3412E Eng., CB214C, CB224C w/Hatz Eng., CB434B, CB434C w/3054 Eng., CB434D, CB434D XW w/3054C Eng., CB531, CS531 w/3116 Eng., CB534B, CB534C, CB535B w/3054 Eng., CB534D, CB534D XW w/3054C Eng., CB544, CB545 w/3054 Eng., CB54, CB54 XW w/C4.4 Eng., CB583, CS583 w/3116 Eng., CP323C, CS323C w/3054 Eng., CP323C, CS323C w/3054B Eng., CP433C, CS433C w/3054 Eng., CP433E, CS433E w/3054 Eng., CP433E, CS433E w/3054C Eng., CP533, CS533 w/3116 Eng., CP533C, CS533C w/3116 Eng., CP533D, CS533D w/3116 Eng., CP533E, CS533E w/3054C Eng., CP54, CS54 w/C4.4 Eng., CP563C, CS563C w/3116 Eng., CP563D, CS563D w/3116 Eng., CP563E, CS563E w/3056E Eng., CP56, CS56, CP64, CS64, CP72, CS72, CP74, CS74, CP76, CS76 w/C6.6 Eng., CP573E, CS573E w/3056E Eng., CP583E, CS583E w/3056E Eng., CP663E, CS663E w/3056, 3056E Engs., PF300B, PS300B w/3054 Eng., 836G w/3456 Eng., 836H w/C18 Eng., CB564D w/3054C Eng., CB634 w/3116 Eng., CB634C w/3116 Eng., CB634D w/3116T Eng., CB64 w/C4.4 Eng., CD54 w/3054C Eng., CP563, CS563 w/3116 Eng., CS413C w/Perkins Eng., CS423E w/3054B Eng., CS423E w/3054C Eng., CS431C w/3054 Eng., CS531C w/3116 Eng., CS531D w/3116 Eng., CS573 w/3116 Eng., CS573C w/3116 Eng., CS573D w/3116 Eng., CS583C w/3116 Eng., CS583D w/3116 Eng., CS683E w/3056, 3056E Engs., PF290B w/3054 Eng., PS150B Pneumatic w/3054 Eng., PS150C w/3054T Eng., PS200B Pneumatic w/3054 Eng., PS360B w/3054 Eng., PS360C w/3054C Eng., 834B, 834G w/3456 Eng., 834H w/C18 Eng., 844H w/C27 Eng., 854G w/3508B Eng., 854K w/C32 Eng., W345C w/C13 Eng., 583T w/C15 Eng., 587T w/C15 Eng., PL61 w/C6.6 Eng., TH330B, TH340B w/3054E Eng., TH220B w/3054E Eng., TH350B w/3054E Eng., TH355B w/3054E Eng., TH360B w/3054E Eng., TH460B w/3054E Eng., TH560B w/3054E Eng., TH580B w/3054E Eng., CEDARAPIDS CR351, CR361 Pavers w/Cummins 4BTA3.9 Eng., CR551 Paver w/Cummins 6BTA5.9 Eng., CR561 RXR Paver w/Cummins 5.9L Eng., COMPACT TECHNOLOGIES Scat Trak 300D w/Kubota Eng., CTM Tomato Harvester, Commander Tomato Harvester w/JD 6081 Eng. (Tier 2), YTOK Harvester w/JD 6081 Turbo Eng., DAEWOO 430, 430 Plus w/Cummins A2000 Eng., 440 Plus w/Cummins A2300 Eng., 450 Plus, 460 Plus w/Cummins B3.3 Eng., DSL601, DSL602 Skid Steers w/Yanmar 4TNE84 Eng., 450 w/Cummins B3.3 Eng., 460 w/Cummins B3.3 Eng., FECON FTX140-FM Forestry Mulcher w/JD 4045H Eng., FORD 545C, 545D, 5640S, 5640SL, 5640SLE w/268 Diesel Eng., 6640S, 6640SL, 6640SLE w/5.0L Diesel Eng., 7740SL, 7740SLE w/304T Eng., 7840S, 7840SL, 7840SLE w/401 Diesel Eng., 8240S, 8240SL, 8240SLE w/456 Diesel Eng., 8340SL, 8340SLE w/456 Diesel Eng., 8870, 8970, 345D w/3 Cyl. Diesel Eng. (S/N A442030-up), 5640, 6640, 7740, 7840, 8240, 8340, 8670 w/New Holland 7.5L Diesel Eng., 8770 w/New Holland 7.5L Diesel Eng., G.K. MACHINE INC. 4W6 w/Cummins 5.9L Eng., GEHL 1648 Power Box Paver w/Isuzu Eng., 1439 w/Isuzu Eng., 3635DXT Skid Steer w/Deutz BF3M1011 Eng., 3635SXT Skid Steer w/Deutz BF4M1011 Eng., SL4635SX, SL4635SXT w/Deutz F3M1011, BF3M1011 Engs., 4640 Turbo E Series w/Deutz TD2009 Eng., 4640E, 4640E Turbo Skid Steers w/Deutz F3M2011, BF3M2011 Engs., 5240 Turbo E Series w/Deutz TD2009 Eng., 5640 Turbo E Series w/Yanmar 4TNV98T Eng., 5640E, 5640E Turbo Skid Steers w/Deutz BF4M2011, F4M2011 Engs., 6640 Turbo E Series w/Yanmar 4TNV98T Eng., RS5-19 Telehandler w/Deutz TD2009 Eng., SL4510, SL4515 Skid Steers w/Ford Eng. (KSG), SL4510, SL4515 Skid Steers w/Ford Eng. (VSG), SL4625DX, SL4625SX Skid Steers w/Kubota V2203-B Eng., SL4640, SL4640 Turbo Skid Steers w/Deutz F3M2011, BF3M2011 Engs., SL4835DX, SL4835SX, SL4835SXT w/Deutz BF3M1011 Eng., SL5625DX, SL5625SX Skid Steers w/Perkins 204.25 Eng., SL5625DX, SL5625SX Skid Steers w/Perkins 4-154 Eng., SL5635DX, SL5635DXT, SL5635SX, SL5635SXT Series II w/Deutz BF4M1011F, F4M1011F Engs., SL5640, SL5640 Turbo Skid Steers w/Deutz F4M2011, BF4M2011 Engs., SL6620, SL6625 w/Perkins 4.154 Eng., SL6625DX, SL6625SX w/Perkins 204.25 Eng., SL6635DX, SL6635SX w/Deutz BF4M1011F Eng., SL6640 Turbo w/Deutz BF4M2011F Eng., 3640E w/Yanmar 3TNV88 Eng., 3825SX, 4240E w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., 4840E Skid Steer w/Deutz F4M2011 Eng., 6640E w/Deutz BF4M2011 Eng., SL3640 Skid Steer w/Yanmar 3TNV88 Eng., SL4240 Skid Steer w/Yanmar 4TNV88 Eng., SL4525 w/Ford VSG413 Eng., SL4610, SL4615 w/Perkins 4.19, 4.108 Engs., SL4840 Skid Steer w/Deutz F4M2011 Eng., SL5620 Skid Steer w/Perkins 4.154 Eng., SL7600 Skid Steer w/Yanmar 4TNE106 Eng., SL7800 w/Yanmar 4TNE106T Eng., V270 Skid Steer w/Yanmar 4TNV98T Eng., GLEANER C62 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R42 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R42 w/Deutz BF6L913C Eng., R52 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R52 w/Deutz BF6L913C Eng., R55 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R62 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., R62 w/Cummins QSC Eng., R62 w/Deutz F8L513 Eng., R65 w/Agco Citius 84CTA Eng., R65 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3, QSC8.3 Engs., R72 w/Cummins LTA10 Eng., R72 w/Cummins M11 Eng., R72 w/Deutz BF8L513 Eng., R75 w/Agco Citius 84CTA Eng., HAGIE 2100 Sprayer w/Cummins 6BTA5.9 Eng., HITACHI DX75 Dozer, DX75 Dozer, JCB (J.C. BAMFORD) 1110 Robot, 1110HF Robot, 1110T Robot, 1110THF Robot Skid Steers w/Perkins 1004-4, 1004-4T Engs., 180T Robot, 180THF w/Perkins 404C-22, 404C-22T Engs. (Tier 2), 190 Robot, 190HF Robot, 190T Robot, 190THF Robot Skid Steers w/Perkins 1004-4, 1004-4T Engs., Midi CX Backhoe Loader w/Perkins 404C-22, 404D-22 (Tier 3) Engs., 1CX Backhoe Loader w/Perkins 104-22 Eng., 1CX Backhoe Loader w/Perkins 404C-22 Eng., 1CX Backhoe Loader w/Perkins 404D-22 Eng. (Tier 3), 208S w/Perkins Eng., JOHN DEERE 9996 Cotton Picker w/6081 PowerTech Eng., 7460 Cotton Stripper, 450H, 450H LGP, 450H LT Crawler Dozers w/4045D, 4045T Engs., 550J LGP, 550J LT w/JD 4045T Eng., 650J LGP, 650J LT, 650J XLT w/JD 4045H Eng., 700J LGP, 700J LT, 700J XLT w/JD 6068T Eng., 750J Series Dozers w/6068H Eng., 850J Series w/6081H Eng., 450J LGP, 450J LT w/JD 4045T Eng., 550H Crawler Dozer w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 650H Crawler Dozer w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 850J w/6090H Power Tech Plus Eng., 485E, 486E, 488E w/4045DT PowerTech Eng., 605C, 6100, 6200 w/4039D, 4039T Engs., 6120, 6220 w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6120L, 6220L w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6310, 6410 w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6420, 6420S w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6910, 6910S w/JD Eng., 6920, 6920S w/6068 Series Eng., 9330, 9430 w/6135 PowerTech Plus (13.5L) Eng., 9420, 9520, 9620 w/6125 PowerTech Eng., 9530, 9630 w/6135 PowerTech Plus (13.5L) Eng., 5620 w/4045DL Eng., 5720 w/4045TL Eng., 5820 w/4045TL Eng., 6020 w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6320 w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6320L w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6420L w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6520, 6520L w/4045 PowerTech Eng., 6610, 6620 w/6068 PowerTech Eng., 6810 w/JD Eng., 6820 w/6068 Series Eng., 7220 w/6068T Eng., 7320 w/6068T Eng., 7420 w/6068 Series Eng., 7500 (South America), 7520 w/6068 PowerTech Eng., 7600 w/6068T Eng., 7610 w/6068 PowerTech Eng., 7700 w/6076T Eng., 7710 w/6081T Eng. (S/N 90000-up), 7710 w/6081T Eng. (To S/N 90000), 7800 w/6076T Eng., 7810 w/6081T Eng. (S/N 90000-up), 7810 w/6081T Eng. (To S/N 90000), 9230 w/6090 PowerTech Plus (9.0L) Eng., 9320 w/6125 PowerTech Eng., LEEBOY 700, 700B Paver w/Hatz 37 HP Eng., LIBRA COMPACT TECHNOLOGIES 755 Skid Steer Loader w/Kubota V2203E Eng., MANITOWOC 777, 777T Cranes w/Cat 3176C Eng., 777, 777T Cranes w/Cummins MTA11 Eng., 777, 777T Cranes w/Cummins QSC8.3 Eng., 888 Crane w/Cummins MTA11 Eng., 21000 Crane w/Cummins QSK19 Eng., 2250 Crane w/Cat 3406C Eng., 2250 Crane w/Cummins QSX15 Eng., 2250 w/Cummins N14-C450 Eng., 2250 w/Cummins N14-C525E Celect Eng., 888 Ringer w/Cummins MTA11 Eng., 999 Crane w/Cat 3176C Eng., 999 Crane w/Cummins QSM11 Eng., MASSEY FERGUSON 220 Swather Series II w/Perkins Eng. (S/N H220431-up), 220 Swather w/Isuzu Eng. (To S/N H220431), 8680 w/Cummins Eng., 9240 w/Consolidated Diesel 6CT8.3 Turbo Eng., MILLER APPLICATION TECHNOLOGIES Nitro 2275HT w/Cummins QSB5.9 Eng. (Tier 2), Nitro 3275HT w/Cummins QSB6.7 Eng., MUSTANG 2076, 2086 w/Cummins B3.3 Eng., MT2076 Turbo w/Yanmar 3TNV98T Eng., 2066 w/Cummins B3.3 Eng., 2066 w/Yanmar 4TNV98 Eng., 2700V w/Yanmar Eng., NEW HOLLAND CR9040, CR9060 Combines w/Cummins 6TAA9904 (9.0L) Eng., CR9040, CR9060 Combines w/Cummins 6TAA9904 (9.0L) Eng., CR940 Combine w/7.5L Turbo Eng., CR960 Combine w/7.8L Turbo Eng., CX8070, CX8080 Combines w/Iveco Cursor 9 (8.7L) Eng., CR9070 Combine w/Cursor 10 (10.3L) Eng., CR9080 w/Iveco Cursor 13 (12.9L) Eng., CR920 Combine w/7.5L Eng., CR970 Combine w/10.3L Turbo Eng., CX720 Combine, CX8090 Combine w/Iveco Cursor 10 (10.3L) Eng., CX840 Combine w/7.5L Turbo Eng., CX860 Combine w/7.8L Turbo Eng., CX880 Combine w/10.3L Turbo Eng., FR9040 Forage Harvester w/Iveco Cursor 10 (10.3L) Eng., FR9050 Forage Harvester w/Iveco Cursor 13 (10.3L) Eng., FR9060 Forage Harvester w/Iveco Cursor 13 Series (12.9L) Engs., FR9080 Forage Harvester w/Cat C18 Eng., FR9090 Forage Harvester w/Iveco Vector 8 (20.1L) Eng., SF550 Sprayer w/Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng., D75 Dozer w/445T/M2 Eng., D85 Dozer w/445T/M2 Eng., D85B Dozer w/445TA Eng. (Tier 3), D95 Dozer w/667T/M2 Eng., D95B Dozer w/445TA Eng. (Tier 3), 545D Tractor Loader, LW170.B w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., U80 Tractor Loader w/439 Eng., 6640S, 6640SL, 6640SLE w/Ford 5.0L Diesel Eng., 7740SL, 7740SLE w/Ford 304T Diesel Eng., 7840S, 7840SL, 7840SLE w/Ford 401 Diesel Eng., 8240S, 8240SL, 8240SLE w/Ford 456 Diesel Eng., 8340SL, 8340SLE w/Ford 456 Diesel Eng., 8360, 8560 w/7.5L Diesel Eng., 8670, 8670A, 8770, 8770A w/675TA Eng., 8870, 8870A, 8970, 8970A w/675TA Eng., M135, M135DT, M160, M160DT, TG210, TG230 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., TG215, TG245 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TG285, TG305 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TM120, TM130 w/7.5L Eng., TM175, TM190 w/7.5L Eng., 8160 w/7.5L Diesel Eng., 8260 w/7.5L Diesel Eng., M100 w/GSD675 Eng., M115 w/GSD675 Eng., M150 w/GSD675T Eng., T6010 w/4.5L Turbo Eng., T6020 w/4.5L Turbo Eng., T6030 w/6.75L Turbo Eng. (To 12/07), T6050 w/6.75L Turbo Eng. (To 12/07), T6070 w/6.75L Turbo Eng. (To 12/07), T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040 w/8.3L Eng. (Tier 3), T8050 w/9.0L Eng., TG255 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TG275 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TJ500 w/Cummins QSX15 Eng., TM115 w/675TA Eng., TM125 w/675TA Eng., TM135 w/675TA Eng., TM140 w/7.5L Eng., TM150 w/675TA Eng., TM155 w/7.5L Eng., TM165 w/675TA Eng., TS100 w/5.0L Diesel Eng., TS100A w/4.5L Eng., TS110 w/5.0L Diesel Eng., TS110A w/4.5L Eng., TS115A w/6.7L Eng., TS125A w/6.7L Eng., TS130A w/6.7L Eng., TS135A w/6.7L Eng., TS90 w/5.0L Diesel Eng., ROSCO MANUFACTURING CO. RB48 Sprayer w/Cummins 3.9L Eng., SpreadPro w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., TYLER Patriot NT w/JD Eng., Patriot XL, Patriot XZ w/JD Eng., Patriot, Patriot II w/JD Eng., V.M.E. L120, L120B Loaders w/Volvo TD71G Eng., L50C Loader w/Perkins Eng., L120C Loader, L150C Loader w/Volvo TD103 Eng., L180C Loader, L90C Loader w/Volvo TD63 Eng., VERMEER T1455 Trencher, VOGELE 880RTB, 880WB w/Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng., 1110WB Paver w/Cummins 6BTA5.9 Eng., 780WB Paver w/Cummins 4BT3.9 Eng., VOLVO A25D, A25D 4x4 w/D10 Eng., A25D, A25D 4x4 w/D9A Eng., A25E, A25E 4x4 w/D9B Eng., A35E, A35E FS w/D12D Eng., A40E, A40E FS w/D16E Eng., A30C w/TD103, TD104 Engs., A30D w/D10B Eng., A30D w/D9 Eng., A30E w/D9B Eng., A35 w/TD121G Eng., A35C w/TD122 Series Engs., A35D w/D12C, D12D Engs., A40 w/TD122 Eng., A40D w/D12C, D12D Engs., G710, G710 VHP, G716 VHP w/Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng., G720, G720 VHP, G726 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G730, G730 VHP, G736 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G740, G740 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., G780, G780 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., G710B w/D7D Eng., G720B w/D7D Eng., G726B w/D7D Eng., G730B w/D7D Eng., G740B w/D10D Eng., G746B w/D10D Eng., G780B w/D10D Eng., T450D w/D12D Eng., L120B, L90C w/TD63 Eng., L120C w/TD73 Eng., L120D w/TD73 Eng., L150C w/TD103 Eng., L150D w/TD103 Eng., L180C w/TD122 Eng., L180D w/TD122 Eng., L50C w/TD40 Series Engs., L50D w/TD40 Series Engs., L50E w/D4D Eng., L60F w/D6E Eng., L70F w/D6E Eng., L90D w/TD63 Eng., MC110 w/Perkins 1004-42 Eng., MC110B w/D3.4A Eng., MC60 w/Kubota V2203 Eng., MC60B w/D2.2A Eng., MC70 w/Kubota V2003T Eng., MC70B w/D2.0A Eng., MC90 w/Perkins 1004-42 Eng., MC90B w/D3.4A Eng., WALKER Big Dog 1200 w/Cummins QSB5.9 Eng., WHITE 6125, 6145T Tractors w/Cummins 5.9L Eng.


8320047, BSH5036, SH66378, SPH12512, ACDELCO PF2202, ADVANCE MACHINERY 46209, ADVANCE MACHINERY 496209, AG-CHEM EQUIPMENT 609934, AGCO 303506819, AMERICAN PARTS 92492, BIG A 92494, BIG A 92817, CARQUEST 85492, CARQUEST 85494, CARQUEST 85817, CASE 402652A1, CATERPILLAR 1919784, CATERPILLAR 1G8878, CATERPILLAR 3I0610, CEDAR RAPIDS 451750014101, CLARK 6631705, DAEWOO D516823, DONALDSON P164378, DONALDSON P169958, DONALDSON P173737, DONALDSON P176566, DONALDSON P177047, EATON 104508005, FLEETGUARD HF6553, FLEETRITE HFR86553, FORD MOTOR CO. 18637992, FORD MOTOR CO. F0NN6714CA, FORD MOTOR CO. F0NN6714CA12H, FRAM P6893, FRAM P7539, FRANKLIN 1507587, GENERAL MOTORS CORP. 25313740, HASTINGS HF861, JCB (J.C. BAMFORD) 32909200, JOHN DEERE AL118036, JOHN DEERE RE39527, JOHN DEERE RE47313, JOHN DEERE T175002, KOEHRING 8320047, KOEHRING 853531244, KRALINATOR L1817, KRALINATOR L494, LUBER-FINER LFH4990, MELROE-BOBCAT 6668819, NAPA 1494, NAPA 1817, NEW HOLLAND 81863799, NEW HOLLAND 818663799, NEW HOLLAND 86597475, NEW HOLLAND 89821387, NEW HOLLAND 9821387, NEW HOLLAND F0NN6714CA12H, NEW HOLLAND FONN6714CA12H, P & H HARNISCHFEGER 10462554, PARKER 933430, PELJOB E6050119, PUROLATOR H55221, SUNDSTRAND 8700068, TYLER 29359A, V.M.E. 11036607, V.M.E. 110366077, VERMEER 73113001, VOLVO 11036607, VOLVO 110366077, VOLVO 97710, WIX 51494, WIX 51817, WIX 551817, WOODGATE WGH6553, ZINGA ZME16L, ZINGA ZME16LP, ZINGA ZME22L,
74 Items

Data sheet

Part Number
Overall Diameter
1 3/8-12

Specific References