• BT8409

Baldwin BT8409, Lube or Transmission Spin-on

VAT excluded
Lube or Transmission Spin-on, Thread: 42463, OD:- 3 (76.2), Length: 3 17/32 (89.7), Igskt: [1] Included, Contains Anti-Drainback Valve, Weight Kgs: 0.307, Volume m3: 0.001, Case Qty: 12, UPC: 7 91440 05319 9
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Description: Lube or Transmission Spin-on
Thread: 42463
OD:- 3 (76.2)
Length: 3 17/32 (89.7)
Igskt: [1] Included
Contains: Anti-Drainback Valve
Weight KGS: 0.307
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 05319 9


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BIG A 91181, CARQUEST 84181, CASE 87409203, CASE 87415600, CUMMINS C6002112110, DENSO 1150105350, DENSO 1153100260, DENSO 3267012620, FLEETGUARD HF28783, FLEETGUARD LF16011, FLEETGUARD LF3855, FLEETRITE HFR828783, FLEETRITE LFR816011, FLEETRITE LFR83855, FORD MOTOR CO. 1S7Z6731DA, FORD MOTOR CO. SBA140517020, FRAM PH9566, GEHL 186931, GREYFRIARS 9052S, GREYFRIARS HS7670, HASTINGS LF563, KOMATSU 6002112110, KOMATSU AS150002300, KOMATSU AS150002300L, MOTORCRAFT EFL910, MOTORCRAFT FL910, NAPA 7181, NIPPON 1150105470, SF SP40171, SP4017/1 TOYOTA 326701262071, WIX 57181, WOODGATE WGH1919,

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