• B7600

Baldwin B7600, Full-Flow Oil Filter Spin-on

VAT excluded

Full-Flow Lube Spin-on, Thread: 1 1/8-16, OD:- 4 1/4 (108.0), Length: 10 1/16 (255.6), Igskt: G395, Related To: B76 Series (Long Versions)

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Description: Full-Flow Lube Spin-on
Thread: 1 1/8-16
OD:- 4 1/4 (108.0)
Length: 10 1/16 (255.6)
Igskt: G395
Related To: B76 Series (Long Versions) B7700 (High Performance Version)
Weight KGS: 1.107
Volume m3: 0.003
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 02893 7


ADVANCE MIXER, INC. Models w/Cat 3306B Eng., Models w/Cat 3306C Eng., AG-CHEM EQUIPMENT 1064 RoGator w/Cat 3126 Eng., ALLEN ENGINEERING CORP. 12-27, 12-27-2T, 12-27-FP Pavers w/Cat 3116 Eng., AMERICAN AUGERS, INC. 72-1200 w/Cat 3126B Eng., DD100B w/Cat 3126 Eng., DD8 Drill w/Cat 3126 Eng., AMERICAN HOIST & DERRICK 4210 Crane w/Cat 3304 Eng., 4260 Crane w/Cat 3304 Eng., 5299, 5300, 5460, 5470, 5530 Cranes w/Cat 3304, 3306 Engs., 575C, 595C, 597C, 599C, 750C Cranes w/Cat 3304, 3306 Engs., 7220, 7250, 7260, 7460, 7530 Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 797C Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., ATHEY RA730B Sweeper w/Cat 3126 Eng., ATLAS COPCO ROC D7, ROC D7C Drilling Rigs w/Cat 3116 Eng., BARBER-GREENE TA30, TC30, TA35 Ditchers w/Cat 3304 Eng., TA56, TA57 Trenchers w/Cat 3304T Eng., TA60, TA65 Trenchers w/Cat 3306 Eng., TA77 Trencher w/Cat 3306 Eng., BG240C Asphalt Paver w/Cat 3116 Eng., BG2455C Asphalt Paver w/Cat 3116 Eng., BG260C Asphalt Paver w/Cat 3116 Eng., BG2455 Paver w/Cat Eng., BLOUNT 720FB Feller Buncher w/Cat 3126 Eng., BOART LONGYEAR LF140 Core Drill w/Cat 3116 Eng., BROYT X20, X21, X21TL w/Cat 3304, 3304NA Engs., X30 w/Cat 3304T Eng., X31 w/Cat 3304T Eng., X4 w/Cat D333 Eng., X41 w/Cat 3306T Eng., X52 w/Cat 3306DITA Eng., XSO w/Cat 3306DITA Eng., XSO w/Cat 3306T Eng., BUCYRUS-ERIE 20H Series 3 and 4, 21H Series 4 Excavators w/Cat 3304 Eng., 30B Series 4, 30B Series 4 Super Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 30H, 30H Series 2 Excavators w/Cat 3306 Eng., 31H Series 2 Excavator w/Cat 3306 Eng., 38B Series 2 Excavator w/Cat 3306 Eng., 60T Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., CANNON INDUSTRIES DPH, DPI Series Drill Jumbos w/Cat 3304 Eng., CAPITOL TRENCHER CTC700, CTC730, CTC740, CTC750, CTC760, CTC810, CTC850 w/Cat 3304, 3306 Engs., CTC600 w/Cat 3116 Eng., CASAGRANDE B155E Piling Rig w/Cat 3116 Eng., CASE-INTERNATIONAL 9150 w/Cat 3306 Eng., CATERPILLAR D4E, D4E SR w/3304 Eng., D4H, D4H Series XL III w/3304 Eng., D4HTSK Series III w/3304 Eng., D5H, D5H LGP Series II w/3304 Eng., D5M, D5M LGP, D5M LGP XL Series w/3116 Eng., D6D, D6D SR w/3306 Eng., D6E, D6E SR w/3306 Eng., D6F SR, D6G SR w/3306 Eng., D6H Series II, D6H LS Series II, D6H XL Series II, D6H XL Series II DS, D6H XR Series II w/3306 Eng., D6H, D6H XR w/3306 Eng., D6M, D6M LGP, D6M XL Series w/3116 Eng., D6R, D6R LGP, D6R XL, D6R XR w/3306 Eng., D7H, D7H Series II w/3306 Eng., D7R, D7R LGP w/3306 Eng., D4D w/3304 Eng., D5 w/3306 Eng., D5B w/3306 Eng., D5E w/3306 Eng., D5HTSK w/3304 Eng., D6C w/3306 Eng., D7F w/3306 Eng., D7G w/3306 Eng., Lexion 460, 460R, 465, 470 Combines w/3126B Eng., Challenger 35 w/3116 Eng., Challenger 45 w/3116 Eng., Challenger 55 w/3126 Eng., Challenger 65, 65B w/3306 Eng., Challenger 65C, Challenger 65D w/3306 Eng., Challenger 70C w/3306 Eng., Lexion 450 Combine w/3126B Eng., 320D FM Forest Swing Machine w/C6.4 Eng., 518, 518 Series II Skidders w/3304 Eng., 539 Knuckle Boom Loader w/3126 Eng., 550 Wheel Harvester w/3126 Eng., 570, 580 Tree Harvesters w/3126 Eng., 570B, 580B Wheel Harvesters w/3126B Eng., 950 Tree Harvester, 320C Forest Swing Machine w/3066 Eng., 515 Skidder, 518C Skidder w/3304 Eng., 574 Forwarder w/3126 Eng., FB518 Feller Buncher, 3116 Gen Set Eng., 3304 Gen Set Eng., 3304B Gen Set Eng., 3306 Gen Set Eng., 3306B Gen Set Eng., 3306B Gen Set, 3064, 3066 Cat Equipment, 3126, 3126B Industrial (7.2L), 3304, 3304B Industrial, 3306, 3306B Industrial, 3056E Industrial, 3114 Cat Equipment, 3116 Cat Equipment, 3116 Industrial, 3126 Cat Equipment (7.2L), 3304 Cat Equipment, 3304 Natural Gas, 3306 Cat Equipment, C6.4 Machine, G3306 Natural Gas, IT24F w/3114 Eng., IT28F w/3116 Eng., IT28G w/3056E Eng., IT28G w/3116 Eng., IT38F w/3116 Eng., IT38G w/3126 Eng., IT62G, 530B Grapple Skidder w/3306 Eng., 535B Skidder w/3126 Eng., 545 Skidder w/3306 Eng., 924G, 924GZ w/3056E Eng., 928F w/3116 Eng., 930R, 930T w/3304 Eng., 936, 936E, G936 w/3304 Eng., 936F w/3304 Eng., 941, 941B (Except S/N 75H), 950B, 950E w/3304 Eng., 951, 951B, 951C, 953B w/3116 Eng., 960F Wheel Loader w/3116 Eng., 962G Series II w/3126B Eng., 963B w/3116 Eng., 963C Loader w/3116 Eng., 966D, 966E w/3306 Eng., 973C Loader w/3306 Eng., 527 Track-Type Skidder w/3304 Eng., 517 Track-Type Skidder w/3304 Eng., 525 Skidder w/3304 Eng., 525B Skidder w/3126 Eng., 528 Skidder w/3306 Eng., 528B Skidder w/3306 Eng., 920 w/3304 Eng., 924F w/3114 Eng., 928G w/3056E Eng., 928G w/3116 Eng., 930 w/3304 Eng., 930G w/3056E Eng., 936G, 938F w/3116 Eng., 938G w/3126 Eng., 950 w/3304 Eng. (Except S/N 15J, 58H, 90A, 99A), 950F Series II w/3116 Eng., 950F Wheel Loader w/3116 Eng., 950G Wheel Loader w/3126 Eng., 953C w/3116 Eng., 955K w/3304 Eng., 955L w/3304 Eng., 962G w/3126 Eng., 963, 963 LGP, 966C w/3306 Eng., 966F Series II w/3306 Eng., 966F w/3306 Eng., 966G w/3306 Eng., 966R w/3306 Eng., 970F w/3306 Eng., 972G w/3306 Eng., 973 w/3306 Eng., 977L w/3306 Eng., 980B w/3306 Eng., R1300G w/3306 Eng., 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, 3116, 3126B, 320C MH w/3066T Eng., 112, 112F (S/N 80J, 89J), 120H, 120H ES, 120H NA w/3116 Eng., 12E, 12F (S/N 17K), 12H, 12H ES, 12H NA w/3306 Eng., 135H, 135H NA w/3116 Eng., 140H, 140H ES, 140H NA w/3306 Eng., 14H, 14H NA w/3306 Eng., 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA w/3306 Eng., 120 w/3306 Eng., 120B w/3306 Eng., 120E, 120G w/3304 Eng., 12F (S/N 13K, 33K), 12F (S/N 89H), 12G w/3306 Eng., 130G w/3304 Eng., 140 w/3306 Eng., 140B w/3306 Eng., 140G w/3306 Eng., 143H w/3306 Eng., 14E (S/N 12K, 72G), 14G w/3306 Eng., 160G w/3306 Eng., 163H w/3306 Eng., D250B, D300B, D300D Dumps w/3306 Eng., D250E, D250E Series II Dumps w/3306 Eng., D25C, D30C, D35C w/3306 Eng., D25D, D30D w/3306 Eng., D20D w/3116 Eng., D250D Dump w/3116 Eng., D300E Dump w/3306 Eng., D300E Series II Dump w/3306 Eng., D350C Dump w/3306 Eng., D350D Dump w/3306 Eng., R1300 Load Haul Dump w/3306 Eng., R1300G Load Haul Dump w/3306 Eng., AP900B Asphalt Paver w/3116 Eng., AP1000 Asphalt Paver w/3116 DIT Eng., AP1000B Asphalt Paver w/3116, 3116T Engs., AP1050 Asphalt Paver w/3116 Eng., AP1050B Asphalt Paver w/3116 Eng., AP1055 Asphalt Paver w/3116 Eng., AP1055B Asphalt Paver w/3116 Eng., BG245C Paver w/3116TA Eng., PST300, SF350 w/3306 Eng., SF450, 613B, 613C, 613C Series II Scrapers w/3116 Eng., 627, 627B Scrapers, 611 Scraper w/3306 Eng., 611 Tractor w/3306 Eng., 613C Tractor w/3116 Eng., 615 Tractor w/3306 Eng., 615C Scraper w/3306 Eng., 615C, 615C Series II Wheel Tractor/Scrapers w/3306 Eng., 621R Tractor w/3306 Eng., 621S Scraper, 621S Tractor w/3306 Eng., 627 Tractor w/3306 Eng., 627B Tractor w/3306 Eng., 627E Scraper, 627E Tractor w/3306 Eng., 627E Scraper, 627E Tractor w/3406 Eng., 627F Scraper, 627F Tractor w/3406B Eng., 627G Scraper w/3306 Eng., 637, 637B Scrapers w/3306 Eng., 637D Scraper w/3306 Eng., 637E Scraper w/3306 Eng., 637E Tractor/Scraper Series II w/3306 Eng., 637G Scraper w/3306 Eng., 639D Elevating Scraper w/3306 Eng., 815F Tractor, 815 w/3306 Eng., 815B w/3306 Eng., 815F w/3306 Eng., 816 w/3306 Eng., CB531, CS531 w/3116 Eng., CB583, CS583 w/3116 Eng., CP533, CS533 w/3116 Eng., CP533C, CS533C w/3116 Eng., CP533D, CS533D w/3116 Eng., CP563C, CS563C w/3116 Eng., CP563D, CS563D w/3116 Eng., CP643, CS643, CP653, CS653 w/3304 Eng., 814, 816B w/3306 Eng., 816F w/3306 Eng., CB534 w/3304 Eng., CB634 w/3116 Eng., CB634C w/3116 Eng., CB634D w/3116T Eng., CP563, CS563 w/3116 Eng., CS531C w/3116 Eng., CS531D w/3116 Eng., CS573 w/3116 Eng., CS573C w/3116 Eng., CS573D w/3116 Eng., CS583C w/3116 Eng., CS583D w/3116 Eng., 814 w/3306 Eng,, 814B w/3306 Eng., 814F w/3306 Eng., 214B, 214BFT w/3116 Eng., 215B, 215B-LC w/3204 Eng., 215C, 215D w/3304 Eng., 219, 219D w/3304 Eng., 225, 225B, 225D w/3304 Eng., 225B-LC w/3304 Eng., 229, 229D w/3304 Eng., 235B, 235C, 235D w/3306 Eng., 311, 312 w/3064 Eng., 311B, 312B, 312B L w/3064 Eng., 311C U w/3064 Eng., 311D LRR w/C4.2 Eng., 312C, 312C L w/3064T Eng., 312D, 312D L w/C4.2 Eng. (S/N HCW, JBC, TGY), 314C CR, 314C LCR w/3064T Eng., 314D CR, 314D LCR w/C4.2 Eng., 315C L w/3054 Eng., 315D L w/C4.2 Eng., 318C, 318C L, 318C LN w/3066 Eng., 319C LN w/3066 Eng., 320, 320L, 320N w/3066 Eng., 320, 320L, 320N, 320S w/3116 Eng., 320B, 320B L, 320B LU, 320B N, 320B U w/3066 Eng., 320B, 320B L, 320B LN, 320B N, 320B S w/3116 Eng., 320C, 320C L, 320C LN, 320C LU, 320S, 320U w/3066T Eng., 320D LRR, 320D RR w/3066 Eng., 320D LRR, 320D RR w/C6.4 Eng., 320D, 320D L w/3066 Eng., 320D, 320D L w/C6.4 Eng., 321B LCR w/3066 Eng., 321C LCR w/3066T Eng., 321D LCR w/C6.4 Eng., 322, 322L, 322LN, 322N w/3116 Eng., 322B L, 322B LN w/3116 Eng., 323D L, 323D LN, 323D S w/3066 Eng., 325, 325L, 325LN w/3116 Eng., 325B, 325B L, 325B LN w/3116 Eng., 325C, 325C L, 325C LN w/3126B Eng., 325D L, 325D LN w/3126B Eng., 330, 330L, 330LN w/3306 Eng., 330B, 330B L w/3306 Eng., 350B, 350B L, E200B, EL200B w/3116T Eng., E240, EL240 w/3304 Eng., E240B, EL240B w/3116T Eng., E240C, EL240C w/3116T Eng., E300, EL300 w/3306 Eng., E300B, EL300B w/3306T Eng., M318, M318 MH w/3116 Eng., 213B w/3116 Eng., 215 w/3304 Eng., 224B w/3116 Eng., 225D LC Series w/3304 Eng., 235 w/3306 Eng., 312D w/C4.2 Eng. (S/N HJX, KCD), 315C, 315C L w/3046 Eng., 319D w/C4.2 Eng., 325D w/C7 Eng., EL325, M320 w/3116 Eng., 561C w/3306 Eng. (S/N 92J), 561D w/3306 Eng., 561M w/3116 Eng., 571F, 571G, 572F w/3306 Eng., 572G, 572R w/3306 Eng., 971G, CHICAGO-PNEUMATIC 825DZ Compressor w/Cat 3306 Eng., CLAAS Commandor 116CS w/Cat 3306 Eng., CLEVELAND 350 Trencher w/Cat 3304 Eng., 400W, 400WHD w/Cat 3306 Eng., CMI AutoGrade Suburban Paver w/Cat 3306 Eng., PR275, PR275RT Profilers w/Cat 3304, 3306 Engs., PRT225 Profiler w/Cat 3116 Eng., PST300 Placer/Spreader/Trimmer w/Cat 3306 Eng., SF300 Slipform Paver w/Cat 3306 Eng., SF3002 Slipform Paver w/Cat 3306 Eng., SF450 Paver w/Cat 3306 Eng., SF5004 Paver w/Cat 3306 Eng., SF2204 Slipform Paver w/Cat 3126B Eng., SF3002 Slipform Paver w/Cat 3116 Eng., COMPAIR 550HE, 600HE, 650HE, 700HE, 750HE w/Cat 3306 Eng., D.B. ELPHINSTONE AD20 Underground Haul Unit w/Cat 3304 Eng., R1500, R1700 Loaders w/Cat 3306 Eng., UC500 Service and Charging Unit w/Cat 3304 Eng., DELTA DT953 Mulching Tractor w/Cat 3306 Eng., DT150C Plow w/Cat 3116T Eng., DT523S Stumper w/Cat 3126 Eng., DT923C Clipper w/Cat 3126 Eng., DEMAG H55 w/Cat 3306TA Eng., DJB D22, D25, D25B w/Cat 3306 Eng., D25C, D35C w/Cat 3306 Eng., D275, D300, D330, D350 w/Cat Eng., D275B, D330B Dumps w/Cat 3306 Eng., D35 w/Cat 3306 Eng., D350B w/Cat 3306 Eng., D350C w/Cat 3306 Eng., DMI HPC10EC, HPC10ECM, HPC12EC, HPC12ECM w/Cat 3306 Eng., HPC14EC, HPC16EC w/Cat 3306 Eng., HPC24DR, HPC24DRM, HPC27DR w/Cat 3306 Eng., HPC20DR w/Cat 3306 Eng., DRILTECH D25K w/Cat Eng., DYNAPAC PL2000 Profiler w/Cat 3406 Eng., EIMCO 985 w/Cat 3306 Eng., ENSIGN OH55D w/Cat 3306 Eng., FAVELLE FAVCO FFC38T w/Cat 3116T Eng., FFC50MT w/Cat 3116 Eng., FOREMOST Delta 2, Delta 3 Transporters w/Cat 3116 Eng., GARDNER-DENVER D800 w/Cat 3306 Eng., SP600 w/Cat 3306 Eng., CH5000CL Drill w/Cat 3306 Eng., SCH2500II Hydra Trac w/Cat 3116 Eng., GROVE ATS540, TMS540 Cranes w/Cat 3126 Eng., RT865 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., RT980 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., TMS500, TMS500E Cranes w/Cat 3126B Eng., TMS865 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., RT870 Crane w/Cat 3116 Eng., HARTL MP503PCV Crusher w/Cat 3126 Eng., HYSTER C450B, C451B, C455B Compactors w/Two Cat 3304 Engs., INGERSOLL-RAND ECM690 Crawler Drill w/Cat 3306 Eng., MW6520 Planer w/Cat 3306 Eng., PB4 Breaker w/Cat Eng., XHP750 Compressor w/Cat Eng., CM695D Drill w/Cat 3306 Eng., INSLEY H1000C Excavator w/Cat 3304 Eng., H1250 Excavator w/Cat 3306 Eng., H1500, H1500B Excavators w/Cat 3306 Eng., JCB (J.C. BAMFORD) G330, G330Q w/Scania DC12 Eng., G350, G350Q w/Scania DC12 Eng., G380, G380Q w/Scania DC12 Eng., G400, G400Q w/Scania DC12 Eng., G440, G440Q w/Scania DC12 Eng., JCI (JOHN CLARK INC.) 250M, 300M w/Cat 3304 Eng., JETCO 7254, 7337 w/Cat 3306 Eng., JOY D900QH Generator w/Cat 3306 Eng., 450S w/Cat 3304T Eng., RPS850 w/Cat 3306T Eng., KOEHRING K3FF Feller Forwarder, K4, K4FB, KFB4 Feller Bunchers, K4L Loader w/Cat 3306 Eng., Shortwood Tree Harvester w/Cat 3306 Eng., KUKLA C225 w/Cat 3306T Eng., LEROI Q1000 Series w/Cat 3306 Eng., Q750 Series w/Cat 3306 Eng., Q850 Series w/Cat 3306 Eng., LINK-BELT HC108C w/Cat 3304 Eng., HC78B w/Cat 3304 Eng., LS108B w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS318, LS338 w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS78, LS78LC w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS98, LS98A w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS98PL w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS3000, LS3500, LS4000 w/Cat 3304 Eng., LS4200 w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS4500 w/Cat 3306 Eng., LS5000 w/Cat 3306 Eng., MAGNUM MULCHING MOWERS, INC. 300 Mulcher w/Cat 3306C Eng., MERTZ 275EX w/Cat 3216 Eng., MIDLAND 701, 703 w/Cat 3304 Eng., MORBARK 30/36 Whole Tree Chipper w/Cat Eng., NEW HOLLAND 1895 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3306 Eng., 1915 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3306B Eng., 1895 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3406 Eng., 1900 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3306 Eng., NORTHWEST 25D, 25T, 28D Cranes w/Cat 3304 Eng., 30DH, 35DH Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 330C, 360C Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 355T Crane w/Cat 3304 Eng., 41 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., 45DH Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., 45T Crane w/Cat 3304 Eng., 50D, 50DA Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 6 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., 60T, 70T, 80D Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 95, 95WT Cranes w/Cat 3306 Eng., 9570 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., OSHKOSH DX158 w/Cat 3306 Eng., P & H HARNISCHFEGER 2355 Dragline w/Cat 3306 Eng., 315, 320 Cranes w/Cat 3304 Eng., 535 Crane w/Cat 3306 Eng., PETERSON PACIFIC CORP. 4800-DH Delimber/Debarker w/Cat 3306 Eng., PETTIBONE-MULLIKEN Super 20 w/Cat 3116 Eng., RAHCO RW301, RW302, RW303 Trenchers w/Cat 3306 Eng., RAYGO 450 Barcomill Profiler w/Cat 3306 Eng., REEDRILL 4000 Hydra Track w/Cat Eng., REXWORKS, INC. Town & Country Paver w/Cat 3304 Eng., SCANIA DC1253A, DC1260A, DC1241A, SKOGSJAN 487, 695 w/Cat 3126 Eng., STEIGER Bearcat 1000, Cougar 1000 w/Cat 3306 Eng., CM225 Bearcat IV w/Cat 3306 Eng., CM250 Cougar IV w/Cat 3306 Eng., PT225 Bearcat III w/Cat 3306 Eng., PT270 Cougar III w/Cat 3306 Eng., PTA270 Cougar III w/Cat 3306 Eng., ST225 Bearcat III w/Cat 3306 Eng., ST250 Cougar III w/Cat 3306 Eng., ST270 Cougar III w/Cat 3306 Eng., ST300 Cougar II w/Cat 3306 Eng., CR1225 Cougar w/Cat 3306 Eng., CR1280 Cougar w/Cat 3306 Eng., PT250 Cougar III w/Cat 3306 Eng., SULLAIR H750, H1050, RC8 Rotary Drill w/Cat 3304 Eng., 750Q w/Cat 3306 Eng., H900 w/Cat 3306 Eng., TAMROCK Tiger Trackdrill w/Cat 3116 Eng., CHA1100 w/Cat 3306 Eng., TANGUAY TC14030 Crawler Grapple w/Cat 3306 Eng., TESAB RK623, RK643 Rotocrushers w/Cat 3306 Eng., TESMEC TRS1000B Chain Saw w/Cat 3306 Eng., TIMBCO T415C, T425C, T445C, T450C, T455C w/Cat 3126 Eng., TF815B, TF820C Forwarders w/Cat 3126 Eng., TRENCOR, INC. 780 w/Cat 3306B Eng., 860B w/Cat 3306B Eng., 960HD w/Cat Eng., VERMEER T655, T655DT, T658XL Trenchers w/Cat 3116 Eng., T658 Trencher, T755 Trencher w/Cat 3116 Eng., T755, T758 Trenchers w/Cat 3306 Eng., WAGNER ST3-1/2 Loader w/Cat 3304 Eng., ST5AS Loader w/Cat 3306 Eng., WHITE 4-270 w/Cat 3306 Eng., WIRTGEN W1000 Milling Machine w/Cat 3116 Eng., WIRTH Power Bore 112-15 Drilling Rig w/Cat 3116 Eng., WOLFE MW250 w/Cat 3306 Eng., WOODS & COPELAND R5LHD Loader w/Cat 3306 Eng., ZEEBEETEE 150 w/Cat 3306 Eng.


ALCO SP1017, BALDWIN B7600, BF6210, CASE 28036, CATERPILLAR 1R0658, 1R0739, COMPAIR HOLMAN 9824650480001, 98246504801, CROSSLAND 2003, CAV F27, DONALDSON P172559, P550490, P554004, FLEETGUARD LF3675, LF3730, LF667, GREYFRIARS 9080S, HENGST H200W02, JCB 1798593, MANN & HUMMEL 6761259426, W11102/14, W1110214, W11102/18, , W1110218, MULTIPART LAL1761, PERMATIC ELH4707, FH139V, RACOR PFL5513, RENAULT 5000681013, 5001846642, 5010412013, SAKURA C5501, C-5501, SCANIA 1117285, 562810, SF FILTER SP4410, WOODGATE WGL3675
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Part Number
Overall Diameter
1 1/8-16

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