• BW5071

Baldwin BW5071, Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula

VAT excluded
Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula , Thread: 11/16-16, OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7), Length: 4 3/8 (111.1), Igskt: G381-A, Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 7-16 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base., Contains 4 Units BTA PLUS, Weight Kgs: 0.503, Volume m3: 0.001, Case Qty: 12, UPC: 7 91440 02695 7
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Description: Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula
Thread: 11/16-16
OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 4 3/8 (111.1)
Igskt: G381-A
Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 7-16 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base.
Contains: 4 Units BTA PLUS
Weight KGS: 0.503
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 02695 7


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(KTA1150), H51 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., H55 w/Cummins LTA10C Eng., H65 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., DRESSER TD15C, TD15C LGP Crawler Tractors w/IHC DT466 Eng., TD15E w/IHC DT466C, DT466E Engs., TD12B w/Cummins D505N Eng., TD15E w/Cummins D505N Eng., TD20G, 570, 568 w/Cummins KTA19C Eng., 570C w/Cummins VTA28C Eng., 580 w/Cummins KT38 Eng., EUCLID R130M w/Cummins KTTA38C Eng., 301TD w/GMC Eng., FAUN FRISCH K30, K40 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., K35.5, K40.4 w/Cummins NTA855, KT1150 Engs., KF30.31, KF400 w/Cummins Eng., F3500, F5000 w/Cummins NT855, KT1150 Engs., FIAT-HITACHI D180 w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., FH270-3 w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., W190, W190LB w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., W170 w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., W230 w/Cummins 6CTAA8.3 Eng., FORD 7810, 8530 w/401 Diesel Eng., 8630 w/401T Diesel Eng., 8700 w/401 Diesel Eng., 8730 w/401T Diesel Eng., 8830 w/401TI Diesel Eng., 9880 w/Cummins N14 Eng., FW20 w/Cummins V555, VT555 Engs., FW30 w/Cummins V903, VT903 Engs., FW40 w/Cummins V903 Eng., FW60 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., TW15 w/401T Diesel Eng., TW25 w/401T Diesel Eng., TW35 w/401TI Diesel Eng., TW5 w/401 Diesel Eng., GALION 850 w/Cummins Eng., GOTTWALD HMK140 w/Cummins KTA1150 Eng., GRADALL 888 Hydro-Scopic w/Cummins V8 Eng., GRIMMER SCHMIDT 450, 750 w/Cummins V903C Eng., 190 w/Cummins V378 Eng., 380 w/Cummins V378 Eng., GROVE 2535 Crane w/Cummins V555C Eng., RT500 Crane w/Cummins V378 Eng., RT58A, RT58B, RT58C, RT58D Cranes w/Cummins V378 Eng., RT625, RT630 Cranes w/Cummins V504 Eng., RT740, RT755 Cranes w/Cummins V555C Eng., RT865 Crane w/Cummins N855C Eng., RT980 Crane w/Cummins NT855-C250 Eng., TD500 Crane w/Cummins VT225 Eng., TM1150 Crane w/Cummins NTC350 Eng., TM1400 Crane w/Cummins V555C Eng., TM200C Crane w/Cummins V378 Eng., TM875 Crane w/Cummins NTC350, NTCC350 Engs., TM875 Crane w/Cummins V555C Eng., TMS185, TMS200, TMS250 Cranes w/Cummins VT225 Eng., TMS300, TMS300B Cranes w/Cummins NTCC240 Eng., TMS475 Crane w/Cummins NTCC240 Eng., TMS500 Crane w/Cummins VT225 Eng., TMS865 Crane w/Cummins NTC290, NTCC300 Engs., RT65S w/Cummins V555 Eng., TM9150 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., TMS760 Crane w/Cummins 300 Eng., HANCOCK 192 w/Cummins V504C Eng., HEATHFIELD ENGINEERING DE50 w/Cummins NT280 Eng., H25 w/Cummins Eng., HITACHI EX1800, EX1800-2 w/Two Cummins KTA19 Eng., EX700BE w/Cummins N425 Eng., HOUGH 560 Loader w/Cummins Eng., 570 w/Cummins Eng., HYDRO-AX 711, 721, 721E w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., HYMAC 880C, 1050 w/Cummins V8-185 Eng., 880C, 888 w/Cummins V504-C Eng., 1290 w/Cummins NH220B Eng., 1290 w/Cummins NH221B1 Eng., 400 w/Cummins NH205, NH220 Engs., 400 w/Cummins NTC290 Eng., LW30 w/Cummins NT335 Eng., IHC 815 w/D414 Eng., 915 w/DT414 Eng., 1466 Series w/DT436 Eng., 4166, 4186 Series w/DT436 Eng., 4366 Series w/Diesel Eng., 4568, 4586 w/DVT800 Eng., 6388, 6588 w/Diesel Eng., 7288, 7388, 7488, Hydro 100 w/D436 Eng., Hydro 186 w/D436 Diesel Eng., Hydro 70 w/D312 Eng., Hydro 84, Hydro 86 w/D310 Eng., Hydro 86 w/D312 Eng., 1066 w/DT414 Eng., 1086 w/DT414 Eng., 1486 w/DT436 Eng., 1566 w/DT436 Eng., 1586 w/DT436 Eng., 3088 w/D358 Eng., 3288 w/D358 Eng., 3388 w/Diesel Eng., 3488 w/DT466B Eng., 3588 w/Diesel Eng., 3688 w/D436 Eng., 3788 w/Diesel Eng., 4786 w/VT800 Eng., 5088 w/DT436B Eng., 5288 w/DT466B Eng., 5488 w/DTI466B Eng., 666 Series w/D312 Eng., 6788 w/DT466 Eng., 686 w/D310 Eng., 686 w/D312 Eng., 786 w/D358 Eng., 886 w/D358 Eng., 886 w/D360 Eng., 966 w/D414 Eng., 986 w/D436 Eng., INGERSOLL-RAND 825, HP825WCU Compressors w/Cummins L10 Eng., HP1000WCU, XP1000WCU Compressors w/Cummins N14 Eng., XP1400WCU Compressor w/Cummins N14 Eng., XP900WCU Compressor w/Cummins LTA10 Eng., XP1600WCU Compressor w/Cummins N14 Eng., VHP750WCAT Compressor w/Cat C9 Eng., ISCO IC235, IC240 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., ICA22, ICA22R w/Cummins NH230 Eng., IC23R w/Cummins NH855-C250 Eng., JOHN DEERE 6810, 6910 Forage Harvesters w/Cummins N14 Eng., KAWASAKI 90ZV, 90ZV-2 w/Cummins QSM11 Eng., KSS70BC w/Cummins V504 Eng., KSS70C w/Cummins V504 Eng., KNUDSON 250, 310, 335 w/Cummins N855C, NT855C Engs., KOBELCO WLK45 w/Cummins LT10 Eng., KOMATSU HD1200M-1 w/Cummins KTA2300 Eng., HD1600M-1 w/Cummins KTA3067 Eng., HD320-2 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., HD325-3 w/Cummins KT1150 Eng., HD460-1 w/Cummins VT1710 Eng., HD785-1 w/Cummins KT2300, KTA2300 Engs., D455A-1 w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., PC300-6, PC300LC-6 w/SAA6D108 Eng., PC300HD-6, PC300HD-6LE, PC300HD-6 MH, PC300LC-6, PC300LL-6 w/SA6D114E-1 Eng., PC600LC-6 w/Cummins N14 Eng., PC650-1 w/Cummins KT1150 Eng., GD650-1, GD650A-2 w/S6D114 Eng., GD500R-5, GD825A-4, GS360-1, W180-1 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., WA320-1 w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., WA320-3 w/S6D114E Eng., WA420-1 w/Cummins Eng., WA420-3 w/SAA6D114E-1 Eng., WS16S-1 w/NTA855B Eng., WS16S-2 w/NTA855 Eng., WS23-1, LEROI Q1300D w/Cummins Eng., LETOURNEAU-WESTINGHOUSE LW27, LW30, LW32, LW35 w/Cummins NT335, NT380 Engs., LIEBHERR PR751 w/Cummins KT1150 Eng., L531 (Type 279), L538 w/D924 Eng., L544, A900C Li, R900C Li w/D924TI-E Eng., A902 Li, A912 Li, A914 Litronic w/D924T-E Eng., A914, R914 w/D924 Eng., A922 Li (Type 421 & 497), A924, R924 w/D924 Series Engs., R902 Li, R904, R904 Li w/D924T-E Eng., R912 Li, R914 Litronic w/D924T-E Eng., R922 Li (Type 628), R962 w/Cummins NTT855C Eng., R972HD w/Cummins NTT855C Eng., R974 Li, R982HD, R982LC w/Cummins NTT855C Eng., R984 Li w/Cummins KTA19C Eng., R984B, R984C w/Cummins QSK19 Eng., A904 w/D924T-E Eng., R974 w/Cummins Eng., R991 w/Two Cummins NTA855C Engs., LORAIN LRT40U Crane w/Cummins Eng., MICHIGAN 175B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 275B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 55C Wheel Loader w/Cummins V378 Eng., MORBARK 22RXL Chipper w/Cummins Eng., NEW HOLLAND 1078, 1079 w/ Ford 666H Eng., 1085 Bale Wagon w/Ford 666H Eng., 1089, 1095 Bale Wagon w/7.5L Eng., 1915 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3306B Eng., CR9040, CR9060 Combines w/Cummins 6TAA9904 (9.0L) Eng., TR87 Combine w/7.5L Eng., TR87 Combine w/Ford 678HT Eng., TR96 Combine w/Ford 678HT Eng., TR97 Combine w/7.5L Eng. (S/N 555863-up), TR97 Combine w/Ford 678HT Eng. (To S/N 555863), 1900 Forage Harvester w/Cat 3306 Eng., 2100 w/Cat 3406 Eng., 2115 w/Cat 3406 Eng., TR86 Combine w/Cat 3208 Eng., TR86 Combine w/Ford 678HT Eng., TR88 Combine w/7.5L Eng., TR89 Combine w/7.5L Eng., TR98 Combine w/7.5L Eng., TR99 Combine w/7.5L Eng., RG170 Motor Grader, AD250, 9684, 9884 w/Cummins N14 Eng., 9840, 9860, 9880 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., TG210, TG230 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., TG215, TG245 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TG285, TG305 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TJ375, TJ375HD w/Cummins QSX15 Eng., 1150 w/Cummins KTA1150 Eng., 1156 w/Cummins KTA1150 Eng., 9184 w/Cummins Eng., 9484 w/Cummins Eng., 950 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., 955 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 956 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 975 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 9820 w/Cummins L10 Eng., T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040 w/8.3L Eng. (Tier 3), T8050 w/9.0L Eng., TG255 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TG275 w/Cummins 8.3L Turbo Eng., TJ275 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., TJ325 w/Cummins 9.0L Eng., O & K G350 Grader w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., RH120C Excavator w/Two Cummins KTA19C Engs., RH30D Excavator w/Cummins KT19C Eng., RH40D Excavator w/Cummins KT19C Eng., RH75 Excavator w/Two Cummins NTA855C Engs., RH75C Excavator w/Cummins KT19C Eng., RH90C Excavator w/Two Cummins KTA19C Engs., P & H HARNISCHFEGER 6250TC Truck Crane Upper Frame w/Cummins NT380 Eng., 9125A-TC Truck Crane w/Cummins V903 Upper Frame Eng., RAYGO Ram 30, Ram-Pak 30 Compactors w/Cummins V504C210 Eng., STEIGER 9370, 9380 w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., Bearcat 1000, Cougar 1000 w/Cummins Eng., CA, CU Industrial Tractors w/Cat Eng., CA, CU Industrial Tractors w/Cummins Eng., KM225 Bearcat IV w/Cummins L10 Eng., KM280 Cougar IV, KS280 Cougar IV w/Cummins NT855 Eng., KM325 Panther IV w/Cummins Eng., KM360 Panther IV w/Cummins Eng., KP525 Tiger IV w/Cummins KTA1150 Eng., KR1225 Cougar w/Cummins LT10A Eng., KR1280 Cougar w/Cummins LT10A Eng., KS325 Panther IV w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., KS360 Panther IV w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., Lion 1000, Panther 1000 w/Cat 3406 Eng., Lion 1000, Panther 1000 w/Cummins KTA855C Eng., PT350 Panther III w/Cummins VT903C Eng., PTA280 Cougar III w/Cummins NT855 Eng., PTA296 Panther III, PTA297 Panther III w/Cummins VT903 Eng., PTA310 Panther III w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., Panther 1000 w/Cummins Eng., Puma 1000 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., SM325 Panther IV w/Komatsu SA6D125 Eng., ST220 Bearcat III w/Cummins NT855 Eng., ST251 Cougar III w/Cummins NT855 Eng., ST310 Panther III, ST310CP Panther III w/Cummins NT855 Eng., ST320 Panther III w/Cummins VT903 Eng., ST350 Panther III w/Cummins VT903 Eng., ST450 Tiger III w/Cummins Eng., PTA251 Series III w/Cummins 855 Eng., ST280 Cougar III w/Cummins NT855 Eng., TEREX 33-09B w/Cummins Eng., TIMBERJACK 450 w/Cummins V378 Eng., 550 w/Cummins V555 Eng., TRYCO MFG. Super Floater, Junior T Four w/Cummins V504C Eng., VERSATILE 305, 340 w/Cummins QSM11 Eng., 375, 400 w/Cummins QSM11 Eng., 850 Series I w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 850 Series II w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 900 Series II w/Cummins V903 Eng., 900 Series I w/Cummins V903 Eng., 955, 975 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 956, 976 w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., 9682, 9684 w/Cummins N14 Eng., 9882, 9884 w/Cummins N14 Eng., 2360 w/Cummins N14 Eng., 300 w/Cummins Eng., 500 w/Cummins 504 Eng., 555 w/Cummins VT555C Eng., 700 w/Cummins V555 Eng., 750 w/Cummins 6 Cyl. 220 HP Eng., 800 w/Cummins N855 Eng., 825 w/Cummins N855 Eng., 835 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., 836 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 846 w/Cummins LT10A Eng., 855 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 856 w/Cummins L10 Eng., 875 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 876 w/Cummins LT10A Eng., 895 w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., 905 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., 9184 w/Cummins 505A Eng., 9280 w/Cummins L10 Eng., 9282 w/Cummins 505A Eng., 935 w/Cummins VT903 Eng., 936 w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., 9384 w/Cummins 660A Eng., 945 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 946 w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., 9480 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 9482 w/Cummins M11 Eng., 9484 w/Cummins 660A Eng., 9680 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 9840, 9860 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., VOLVO 435 w/Cummins KT1150 Eng., 440 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 540 w/Cummins KT1150 Eng., G60, G66 w/Cummins 4B3.9 Eng., G720, G720 VHP, G726 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G730, G730 VHP, G736 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G740, G740 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., G780, G780 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., G80, G86 w/Cummins 4B3.9 Eng., WABCO 35C Haulpak Truck w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., 444 Road Grader w/Cummins N855 Eng., 500B Loader, 555 Grader w/Cummins N855C, NT855C Engs., 101G w/Cummins Eng., WHITE 185 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., WILLMAR 8200 Eagle, 8400 Eagle, 8450 Eagle w/Cummins Eng., WOODS & COPELAND 320, 450, 450C w/Cummins KD1150C Eng., YALE & TOWNE 2000 Loader w/Cummins V504C Eng., 2000C Shovel w/Cummins V555 Eng., 3000 Loader, 3000C Shovel w/Cummins V903C Eng., 5500 Shovel, 5500C Loader w/Cummins NT855C Eng., 4000 Loader w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 6000 Loader w/Cummins NT855C Eng.


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