• BW5073

Baldwin BW5073, Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula

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Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula , Thread: 11/16-16, OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7), Length: 5 3/8 (136.5), Igskt: G381-A, Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 22-32 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base., Contains 8 Units BTA PLUS, Weight Kgs: 0.631, Volume m3: 0.001, Case Qty: 12, UPC: 7 91440 02697 1
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Description: Coolant Spin-on with BTA PLUS Formula
Thread: 11/16-16
OD:- 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 5 3/8 (136.5)
Igskt: G381-A
Notes: Maintenance filter for systems with 22-32 gallons capacity. Can be used with CFB5000 base.
Contains: 8 Units BTA PLUS
Weight KGS: 0.631
Volume m3: 0.001
Case Qty: 12
Upc: 7 91440 02697 1


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(KTA2300), H241, H285 w/Cummins KTA3067 Eng., H121 w/Cummins VTA1710 Eng., DRESSER 250E Crawler Loader w/Cummins LTA-10C Eng., 250E Steel Mill Special, TD40B Crawler Tractor w/Cummins KTA19C Eng., TD25G Crawler Tractor w/Cummins KT19 Eng. (KT1150C), EUCLID R170 Hauler w/Cummins KTA3067C Eng., R85 w/Cummins V12 Eng., FAUN FRISCH K55.5, K85.8 w/Cummins VT1710, VTA1710 Engs., FWD L60 Loader w/Cummins Eng., GROVE RT60S Crane w/Cummins V504C Eng., TM1400 Crane w/Cummins KT450 Eng., TMS300LP Crane w/Cummins Eng., HITACHI EX3500, EX3500-2, EX3500-3 w/Two Cummins KT38 Engs., HYMAC 400 w/Cummins NTC335 Eng., HYUNDAI R320LC-7 w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., R360LC-7 w/Cummins QSC8.3 Eng. (Tier 2), IHC 250E w/Cummins L10 Eng., INGERSOLL-RAND ECM370 w/Cummins Eng., ISCO IC250 w/Cummins Eng., JOHN DEERE 1050C Crawler Dozer w/Liebherr D9406 Eng., 950C Dozer w/Liebherr D926TI Eng., 755C Crawler Loader w/Liebherr D926T Eng., 755C Series II Crawler Loader w/Liebherr D926T Eng., JOY D600QP Compressor w/Cummins V8 Eng., KAWASAKI KSS80CT, KSS85ZIIC w/Cummins NTO6 Eng., KSS80C w/Cummins NH220 Eng., KOBELCO SK400LC IV w/Cummins M11 Eng., KOMATSU GD675-3, GD675-3EO w/SAA6D114E-3 Eng., WA420-3CS w/SA6D114 Eng., KW-DART 3100 End Dump, 4150 Coal Hauler w/Cummins KTA2300-C1050 Eng., 600C Loader w/Cummins KT2300-C900 Eng., 600C Loader w/Cummins VTA1710-C700 Eng., D600 Loader w/Cummins VTA1710-C700 Eng., Most Models w/Cummins Eng., LATERRA GD655 Grader w/Komatsu 8.3L Eng., LIEBHERR PR712, PR712B w/D924T Eng., PR722, PR722B w/D924T Eng., PR732, PR732B w/D916T Eng., PR742, PR742B w/D926T Eng., PR752, L574, L580, LR611, LR611 LH, LR611M w/D924T Eng., LR621B, LR621C w/LH Eng., LR622, LR622M w/D924T Eng., LR632 Crawler w/D926T Eng., L541 (Type 289 & 325), L551 w/D906 Series Engs., L554 (Type 452), L554 (Type 453), L564, LTM1080-1-L w/D9406T Eng., LTM1070-4.1 w/6 Cyl. Turbo Diesel Eng., LTM1100/2 Carrier w/D9408T Eng., LTM1100/2 Crane w/D924T Eng., LTM1500 Carrier w/D9408TI Eng., LTM1500 Crane w/D926T Eng., A932 Li, A934 Litronic, R934 Litronic w/D924TI-E Eng., A944 Litronic, R944 Litronic, R944V Litronic w/D926T-E Eng., A944B Litronic, R944B Litronic, A954 Litronic, R954 Litronic, A954B Litronic w/D926TI-E Eng., R932 Li, R942 Li, R954B Litronic w/w/D926TI-E Eng., R964B, R964 Li w/D9406 Eng., R964, R974B w/D9408TI-E Eng., LINK-BELT LS918 w/Cummins Eng., LORAIN MC790 Crane w/Two Cummins Engs., MANITOWOC 6400 Dragline w/Cummins KTA3067C Eng., MASSEY FERGUSON 8780 Combine w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., MICHIGAN 210H Scraper w/Cummins Eng., 275C Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins KT1150C Eng., 475B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 475C Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 675B Tractor/Shovel w/Cummins Eng., 675C Tractor/Shovel w/Two Cummins VT1710C Engs., NEW HOLLAND TX30, TX32, TX34, DC180 Dozer, LW160 w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., EC270, O & K RH200C Excavator w/Cummins KTA38C Eng., RH30 Excavator w/Cummins VT903C Eng., RH300 Excavator w/Two Cummins KTA2300C Engs., RICKEL MANUFACTURING Big A 2000 w/Cummins V504C Eng., Big A 2800 w/Cummins 6CTA8.3 Eng., ROSCO MANUFACTURING CO. SpreadPro w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., SAMSUNG SE280LC, SE280LC-2 Excavators w/Cummins 6CT8.3-C Eng., SL180-2 Loader w/Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng., UNIT RIG M120-17 Lectra Haul w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., M85, M100, M120-15 Lectra Hauls w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., Mark 36 Lectra Haul w/Cummins KTA3067C Eng., VERSATILE 850 Series I w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 850 Series II w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 900 Series II w/Cummins V903 Eng., 900 Series I w/Cummins V903 Eng., 955, 975 w/Cummins NTA855 Eng., 956, 976 w/Cummins NTA855A Eng., 1156 w/Cummins KTA1150 Eng., 835 w/Cummins NT855C Eng., 836 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 846 w/Cummins LT10A Eng., 855 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 856 w/Cummins L10 Eng., 875 w/Cummins NT855 Eng., 876 w/Cummins LT10A Eng., 895 w/Cummins NTA855C Eng., VOLVO G720, G720 VHP, G726 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G730, G730 VHP, G736 VHP w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., G740, G740 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., G780, G780 VHP w/Cummins M11 Eng., EC290, EC290NLC w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., EC240 w/Cummins 6C8.3 Eng., WABCO 1200 Loader w/Cummins V1710C Eng., 120C, 120CM, 150CW Haulpak Trucks w/Cummins KTA2300 Eng., 120CT Off-Highway Hauler w/Cummins VTA1710C Eng., 170C Hauler w/Cummins KTA3067C Eng., 35C Haulpak Truck w/Cummins KT1150C Eng., 60, 75B, 85C Haulpak Trucks w/Cummins VT1710C, VTA1710C Engs., WASHINGTON IRON WORKS 78 Skylok Yarder w/Cummins Eng., WHITE 170 Workhorse Tractor w/Cummins 8.3L Eng., YALE & TOWNE 7000 Loader, 7500C Shovel w/Cummins KT1150C Eng.


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